When Things Fall to Pieces

Why is it that as soon as we have hitting the road in our sights, little things start to fall to pieces?

It is officially May, and we had planned for the start of the month to be a mental shift for us to fully engaging with preparing for our upcoming trip.

Yet, within the first few days we are realizing that the mental shift will have to wait. We have tossed our relaxed, steady three week long preparation schedule. We are hoping that one week will be enough time to thoroughly clean Aunt Glady, wash & seal her roof, pack, and make all the other preparations for leaving for at least two months. We have never left a house behind before, so I am not even sure of everything that is on the list, but I know we have our work cut out for us.

And what was going to be spread over three weeks, will now have to fit in to one week. What happened for such a drastic change in plans?

The first fallen piece

It started last week with Chris’ phone. Suddenly, it was not working properly and two days later, mine was having the same problems. It is a long story having to do with safe mode and hotspotting through our phones, but it has meant that we have had no internet for days. I may be the only blogger/youtuber (or posing to be blogger/youtuber) on the planet who actually prefers to not have internet or be tied to a computer or device. But, sadly, that is just not how blogging/youtubing works. Technology, you win. I am in a real pickle.

I even went to the public library yesterday to try to, at the very least, upload some photos, so that I could piecemeal some posts together over time. All to no avail – their wifi wasn’t having it.

While I can wait it out and hope my audience is not becoming too frustrated with a lack of posts, Chris has a much larger and more urgent issue with his work. It is already difficult running a business with no tech department to help. But, no internet? Every man has his limits.

After another call to Verizon yesterday afternoon, Chris finally spoke with an understanding and kind woman. She gave us 8 gigabytes for free to get through the rest of this cycle. Thank you, Lord!

We will have to figure out a different long-term option, but that will have to wait until we return from our trip. See how easy RVing makes your life? “We can just deal with it when we get back.”

Fallen piece #2

We had another unexpected development. A few days ago, I was minding my own business. Chris was at a job site and had a meeting with a fellow business owner to talk about business structuring. I was making some bath bombs, and I wanted to take some photos to share the recipe and process in an upcoming post. I keep our DSLR in the closet in Chris’ office, so I went in to grab it.

As I reached out my hand, my stomach made a weird gurgling noise. I must be hungry. It was 2:30, and I hadn’t eaten lunch yet. With Chris gone, I was just trying to get one more thing done before sitting down for lunch, and the one thing turned in to ten things. I had not realized it had gotten so late.

I took my photos, and put the camera back in the closet. Funny, I heard the same noise as I reached out to replace the camera.

That can’t be my stomach. What is it? I stepped back. A thought dawned on me, and I stepped forward again. I heard the noise. It wasn’t my stomach. It was coming from the floor. It sounded like gurgling water. Do you know where I am going with this?

When Chris got home, we ripped up the baseboard & flooring in Chris’ office, cut out part of our wall, uninstalled the toilet in the adjoining bathroom and lifted the flooring and baseboard in there too.

Can you understand what a blow this was to us, reader? I had literally just finished all the touch up paint in the house. We only had a kitchen project left.

The issue was a tiny fitting on the water line running to the toilet. There was no visible evidence of the leak. If I hadn’t stepped on that board, who knows how long it would have taken for us to figure it out.

removing toilet for water leak

The leak was a quick fix, and was just a manufacturing problem that no one could have foreseen. The damage was minimal due to our concrete slab. Thank you, in-floor radiant heat!

But, our leak means that we are back in a construction zone. Floor boards and baseboard are strewn all over our living room. Chris’s desk chair is rolling on the concrete slab while he works. Fans are blowing in to the open wall to make sure that it dries completely. I am overly aware of the dangers of mold and am attentively working to avoid it. 

Before this happened, we had ambitious goals of completing the kitchen backsplash and hanging our hood cover before leaving. Now, we will be refinishing and rebuilding what has been ruined.

My house tour video is getting pushed further and further away. And did I mention I have company coming this weekend? We need to get that toilet reinstalled and the bathroom ready for use. And pile all the building materials somewhere. Aunt Glady may turn in to a shed for a few days.

construction zone in new home

Fallen piece #3

And speaking of our kitchen project, I designed our hood cover so that I could stain it and have wood in the kitchen to make the space more comfortable and relaxed.

I stained the beam cover in our living area, and it turned out great.

I stained the hood cover for the kitchen, and it turned out terrible.

This is NOT what we are going for…

diy wood kitchen hood cover

I had a carpenter friend look at it two days ago, and it is not good. I am now layering different stains in a mad scientist effort to turn it around before giving in to stripping the darn thing and painting it. You know I hate synthetic chemicals, and working with stain puts me over the edge. Now I may be stripping it?! Every woman has her limits too.

Fallen Piece #4

Shall I even mention the yard at this point? We have no lawn mower. No shed for a lawn mower. No grass around the house, just clay and thick mud when wet. But there is one strip of grass growing tall…right along the house. I am in the process of digging it all up. Maybe it is best to just leave this discussion there, before I lose my contentment today.

Our excavator is coming next week to finish the grading on the site, which could not be completed in the winter. Hopefully, I will have the grass pulled along the house, and we will be able to put stone down. The patio and gardens we will leave until after our trip. A vigorous line of fresh growth, the only place I do NOT want it…

grass growing against new house

Fallen piece #5

Remember when I mentioned that I was making bathbombs? Well, they turned in to bath powder. Back to the drawing board.


While we were eating dinner last night at 8:30, we realized that we needed to take a realistic look at our schedule to try to sort through the mess we are in. We have three weeks from yesterday until we leave, and it looks like we won’t get to Aunt Glady until the final week. We are rearranging all the fallen pieces, and keeping our eyes looking forward to our trip.

Some pieces will be picked up. Some will remain fallen.

But even the ones we leave on the ground won’t be there forever.

They will be arranged, and we will pick them up later.

No need to worry about them, or carry their burden with us.

We can leave them where they lie. And hit the road without them.

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I love travel, which led me to become a fulltime RVer. I love wellness, which I can talk about 'til the cows come home. I love being self-employed, which means I get to dabble in what interests me from essential oils to RV planners. But most importantly, I love my husband and our life together on the road!

6 comments on “When Things Fall to Pieces

  1. OMGOSH !
    He is certainly testing you both! However…the blessings I see are that you found the issues before leaving; and 4 whole weeks before!

    A little trick we learned during our last move where we had to have our things stored away in a closed environment….charcoal briquettes.

    We put a bag in our 15 cubic foot freezer ( not the matchlight or instant start brand). There were no odors at all from storage 3 mo. later.
    Could you leave the area that is open while you are gone…with a bag of charcoal ; or close it up and leave an open bag near the areas that were damp so the charcoal can absorb dampness and prevent mold underneath. Just a thought…

    Your conclusion is spot on. What doesn’t get done prior to your trip will be there when you get back😁.

    And…..we, your audience and friends made before/dring your travels can wait for your blog postings and videos. We’ll enjoy them that much more!!
    Personally I love the sneak peaks in your pictures posted today…and am quite impressed with your lovely home.
    How about splitting the difference in your 3 weeks left before hitting the road? Give Auntie a couple more days of your time so you aren’t all wired up when you hook her up and head out.
    Wanderer’s Rest will be there when you get back…and you’ll both be relaxed and recharged…ready to do the finishing touches.

    • Hey, Cindy! Thanks so much for the tip! Leaving a house behind is completely new to us. It is so good to hear that worked for you. We will definitely give it a try. Thanks for the encouragement too, and you are right, splitting the difference with the time would be a better idea, and a less rushed transition back in to the RV. So good to hear from you!

  2. I’m not as great with words but I totally agree with Cindy!! ( never used charcoal but I’m going to use the tip..thanks Cindy) Otherwise she speaks what I want to convey. ..we’ll be here for you either way!! Relax and refresh, while you enjoy the journey rv’ing again. We’ll wait! Maggie

  3. It’s always the “little things” that get in the way of progress. You’ll have a fun time traveling and find the timing to get ready to go. The “dishes and laundry” (metaphorically speaking) will be there when you return and you can pick up the projects later. They aren’t going anywhere.

    Turn off the water before you leave & stop the mail. It’s not any different than when you were in a house before and went on a long vacation. With your friend checking the property for you, all is well. Have fun. We enjoy your travels and have learned much from your videos and blog.

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