The phrase “wellness journey” refers to when a person actively pursues good health. This person no longer wants to be passive, they recognize that they are responsible for their health, and they want to take an active role in their wellness and make a difference for themselves and the people they love.

To Wander Freely would not have been possible a few years ago, when I was in the midst of a health crisis. I was given an autoimmune disease diagnosis that crushed my dreams and conventional medicine options that were harsh on my body and made no sense to me. I was suffering and did not know how to drag myself out of the hole I was in. I turned to a natural approach to healing my body and have not looked back since.

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My journey has led me down the path to…

…removing toxic chemicals from my life and home.

…optimizing how I perceive food and what I eat by focusing on nourishment.

…reducing inflammation in my body.

…utilizing gentle detoxification techniques.

…improving my prayer and spiritual life.

…learning to use essential oils as powerful wellness assets.

…exercising for maximum benefit to my needs.

All of these tools have helped me to bring my body to the place I want to be…abundant living. A wellness journey is a work in progress, and I will always be working on some aspect or another, but to be able to travel fulltime and live out my purpose daily shows just how far I have come. I have been to over 30 different states; hiked Yellowstone, Yosemite, and other national parks; explored Superstition Mountain in Arizona, kayaked with sea otters in California, chased down alligators in the swamps of Louisiana, followed in the footsteps of others on The Oregon Trail, and experienced the greatness of America in ways I never thought would be possible for me. The improvements in my health have been a catalyst for vibrant life changes.  I have seen such great results in my own life, that I am passionate about sharing what I have learned and continue to learn with others. It is about simple steps, one at a time. We don’t need to have a degree to improve our wellness. We just need to make smarter choices about what we allow in our homes and in our bodies and minds. Simple, yet effective approach.

So, stick around and start the change in your own life!

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