Wanderer’s Rest’s Body Guard

We are officially one week away from rolling out in the RV. After things fell apart for us a few weeks ago, we have been diligently working to finish our house projects, and have been able to complete more than I thought we would.

I have started a series on our youtube channel that documents the actual building process, week by week; and we are working our way towards a full house tour.

Hopefully, the tour will be filmed before we leave, but I am not making any promises on that. In the meantime, I think I can give you a sneak peak at the projects we are finishing…

The stone around Wanderer’s Rest.  This was an area of the landscaping that we wanted completed before we leave. We had grass growing in strips right against the house, that we could not leave to their own devices while we are gone for two months. For a more long-term, RV trip planning – friendly solution; we decided to go with stone around the perimeter.

pea stone around house

Our kitchen backsplash. This was a small project, that we knew we could complete after moving in to the house, so that is what we chose to do. Over the past few days, we laid the tile and grouted. We still have to mount the range hood cover, but at least the tile is now complete. We had borrowed a friend’s wet saw, and we wanted to get it back to him before we were travelling. In all the house renovations we have done in the past, tiling was new to us. We love to take on a new task and figure it out together, and we prefer the satisfaction of completing it ourselves to having a perfect, professional look. So, while we have one tile that is a touch askew, it will be our secret.

grey and white kitchen backsplash, field stoen and subway tile

Chris’ office. After the water leak in the wall, we have now re-laid the flooring. Interestingly, the flooring went in much better the second time. With our first attempt, we had some “stepping” in the boards in that area. I have no real excuse other than that it was the very last room we finished, so our standards were pretty low at the time. This time around, no stepping. Just perfectly aligned boards. And straight lines make my engineering husband very happy. We still have to finish the drywall, and touch up paint; but recovering from the unexpected leak is well on its way.

office flooring

Wanderer’s Rest’s Body Guard. We are having a friend check on the house while we are away. Chris is running him through the process this evening. He is also a handyman by trade, which will be helpful if a problem does arise. We are shutting off the water, but I think we will leave the A/C on a low setting.

The last push this week is bitter sweet. We are so excited to hit the road, but we really love this house. It is going to be hard to leave her. After all the hard work we have put in to her, and the simple joy of living in a functional home with massive windows and natural light; our list of things we will miss is long. Our beautiful views and wildlife, the little bit of community we have re-established, the pantry, the King bed, the bath tub, the unending hot water…I better stop now before Aunt Glady hears me!

Cheers to all of you who are gearing up for your next trip!  

P.S. We are having a planner sale!!!

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1 comment on “Wanderer’s Rest’s Body Guard

  1. Omgosh!
    Y’all have made wonderful progress, and I’m so excited for you both!
    The Amish have a wonderful saying that explains why their quilts purposely have a ” planned mistake” in them: “Only God is perfect”…leaving me to believe the ‘askew’ tile was meant to be😉.
    (And looks amazing btw.)
    So so happy for you!
    Hugs to you both.

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