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I really enjoy going for a walk. It is one of life’s simple pleasures. Especially in the evening hours, when the sun takes on a golden hue, and its richly colored beams add a gem-like quality to each object they touch. A final glowing brightness for us to perceive, before the night removes all light from our view.

And RV campgrounds are great for walks. Most of us need a break from the tight quarters, and there is usually a flat, easily accessible path or road to walk on right outside our door.

With each new campground, we have a new path to delight in. Some campgrounds are like raceways, an unending circle for us to blur passed all the RVs, picnic tables and limited landscaping in our surroundings.

Other campgrounds offer a bit more for the walker, with actual trails and features to explore. We are currently staying at a campground with plenty of area for us to wander. And there is no better time for a golden hour walk, than in the Fall, when the colors spend all day waiting for that golden touch so they can shine their brightest.

path through the trees

There is a lake here, that our trail wraps around.

lake at a campground

We find turtles in the same spot of the lake each day, stretching their necks for that last bit of warming sun before night. If we are very quiet, we will get a glimpse of them. But if we are too fast, caught up in our own thoughts, we will startle them and only get a glimpse of the back of their shells as they plunge in to the water.

turtle in the lake

Along with the many chipmunks that chirp an alarm as they quickly head in to their holes at our approach; I think the next cutest thing on our daily walk is this little trailer.

What would be a good name for her? Sunny? Or Sherbert?

little vintage trailer

On one of our most recent walks, we were reminded of the walks we took as we prepared to become fulltime RVers. We had sold our home and moved in to a one room schoolhouse that had been remodeled. We were renting, and it was November.

Each day, when Chris would come home from work, it would be the same golden time of day, just before dark settled on us. There was a stray cat that lived in the garage. Chris would pull up in his truck, I would rush out from the house to greet him. And the cat would rush out from the garage. She liked to jump in to his arms where Chris would hold her and she would snuggle his chest. I joked that she and I were competing for his attention; each day trying to see who would beat the other in to his arms.

With gloves and hats, we would start walking. Down our narrow road, over a small creek and in to a neighboring small development with a few homes and large lots. The cat walked with us. Behind us as we set out, but as soon as we turned around to come home, she would walk in front of us to lead the way.

Our walks were full of talk of travel. All the places we would go. The things we would see.

What Utah’s national parks would be like. How it would be great if we could stop at Yellowstone.

We talked about how warm Arizona and Texas would be. No gloves and hats needed.

We decided to start on The Oregon Trail, like any self-respecting Easterners. And compared how our preparations would be different from all of those who traveled that path before us. Maybe I would see trail ruts? What would the High Plains feel like?

We talked. We dreamed.

And places rose up before our eyes, and for the first time in our lives, seemed within our grasp.

With Fall settling in again, and that golden hour coming earlier in the evening; we are reminded of those walks. We have seen all of the places we talked about during those times. We have experienced them. We have loved them. And we can’t wait to do it all again.

Our walks are the simplest, and often the most enjoyable time of our day. But there are bigger works in motion as we hold hands and release our minds and bodies from the stress and tension of the day.

If I really let my analytical mind get to work, I can see how our walks play a role in the bigger works of our lives.

These walks allow us to grow in our compatability as a married couple. Ever reaching for that goal of becoming one, in a world where independence is valued. Our walks together discussing our work that day, our thoughts, our frustrations help us to become more like minded. Communicating, and even more importantly, listening and submitting help us to nurture and grow our compatability.

These walks keep us on track with our goals. The best things in this life take a lot of work, and we have found that we need to keep our eyes focused on our priorities if we truly want to make them a reality. It is amazing how many times that during this release of the day, and time of relaxation, we actually end up finalizing big decisions; when we can tune out the angst or noise that distract us.

With the change of scenery in each RV campground, we are offered a new chance to commune with Creation. A chance for us to experience restorative, stress-relieving benefits. A reminder of the beauty in this world, and how it will not come close to comparing with the beauty in the next.

While our daily walk is a routine for us, the path we take is ever-changing as we cross the country. And we are ever-changing with it, constantly growing, striving to walk closer to each other and our Creator.


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I love travel, which led me to become a fulltime RVer. I love wellness, which I can talk about 'til the cows come home. I love being self-employed, which means I get to dabble in what interests me from essential oils to RV planners. But most importantly, I love my husband and our life together on the road!

6 comments on “Walks Around the Campground

  1. Very nice, Jen. I really enjoyed reading this article. Fall is my favorite time of year and you described it beautifully. I could truly envision it and eliminate my stress for the day.

    Thank you.

  2. Thanks once again for reminding me it’s the simple things that bring the greatest joy. I need to remember, even though my walking path might not change as yours does, it’s still a very good way to spend time with my hubby in the eve of the day. It’s so hard to do sometimes, but the reward is worth it.

  3. I do so enjoy your posts, and tho not posting much lately…I continue to follow your journey. You guys are an inspiration to so many!

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