Utah: Salt Lake City

After visiting the Great Salt Lake, we then headed to downtown Salt Lake City.  The city is very clean, easy to drive around, cheap for parking (I think we paid $4 for 6 hours near Temple Square), beautifully landscaped and framed by perfect Wasatch mountain views.  We were pretty impressed.20150903_155846

20150903_160229At the pinnacle of the city lies Temple Square.  Allow me to preface this next portion by saying that we are not Mormons, so I can only give you a tourists viewpoint of Temple Square.  Here is the layout, so you can get a feel for all it encompasses…Temple Square, Salt Lake City, UtahThe temple is a beautiful structure that took 40 years to build and involved a lot of dedication by the Mormons to complete.20150903_145939

Temple Square, Salt Lake City, UtahYou are not able to enter the temple as a visitor, but the South Visitor’s Center holds an exhibit about the building of the temple, as well as the below model of its interior…Salt Lake Temple Model, Salt Lake City, UtahThe North Visitor’s Center includes exhibits with galleries depicting the life of Jesus…Life of Jesus, Temple Square, Salt Lake City, Utah…moments from the Old Testament…OT Moments, Temple Square, Salt Lake City, Utah…and several other Mormon-specific exhibits.

One of the features that interested us was a scaled model of modern Jerusalem overlayed with points of interest from biblical times…Modern Jerusalem, Temple Square, Salt Lake City, Utah

All-in-all we spent a beautiful afternoon in Salt Lake City and would love to see it with snow on the mountain tops some day.

Bonus Features:

  • You can see the Mormon Tabernacle Choir perform as a visitor.  If interested, I would call ahead for their schedule.
  • The Conference Center has a botanical garden on its roof, but there is a fee; so we opted out.
  • There are facilities for anyone interested to perform family research.  It is free!
  • There is a Trader Joe’s in Salt Lake City, so you can stock up like we did before heading in to Southern Utah!


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