Utah: Fillmore While We Wait More

Things were going so well on the road.  Chris was easily able to keep up with the work he was given.  We adjusted to living in an rv well. (As I have mentioned before, neither Chris nor I ever spent a single night in an rv before we sold our house and stuff and moved in to one.)  We hadn’t had any trouble with Aunt Glady or the truck (smoking brakes & the steps incident aside).  We were setting our own pace and really enjoying all that America has to offer.  We were enjoying big blue sky and idyllic weather.

And then it happened…Chris’ computer decided to take a death roll.  When he attempted to boot it up in the morning to work, the screen continually flashed colors:  BLUE, GREEN, RED, WHITE, BLUE, GREEN, etc.  Chris has a 27 inch All-in-one.  It was a big purchase for us, but he needs the power and size for working through architectural shop drawing sets in AutoCAD; and it is great…when it is working.  After spending about 4 hours on the phone with Dell, they decided it was a hardware issue, and they wanted to ship us a box.  Chris replied, “You want to send me the part, and I will fix it myself???”  No, friends…it was much worse than that…they wanted to send him an EMPTY box for him to send them the computer in, and it would take about 2 weeks for them to work on it.

Chris explained what they could do with that empty box that he could not be without his work computer for a minimum of two weeks; and he would have to explore other options.  So, he found a local, young man in Heber City; and we hoped that it would be fixed before we left.  At that time, we were camped in Heber City; but were leaving in 2 days for much more remote areas in southern Utah.  Our campground in Heber City was completely booked, so we could not stay longer.  Instead of heading straight South to Zion National Park; we booked a campground in Fillmore, about half-way to Zion.  It ended up working out well; because he was unable to fix the problem before we left.  However, once it was fixed; he actually drove to Provo to meet us with the computer, so we would not have to return all the way to Heber City.  Now that is service!!!  (If you are ever in Heber City and need computer help; we 100% recommend Ace Rescue Computer Solutions.)

Even after having the fixed computer, Chris had to spend a lot of time restoring his programs; so we decided to lengthen our stay in Fillmore to a full week to allow him time to get back on his feet.  Zion would have to wait.

But, there is a much brighter side to the story!  We met some really amazing people at Fillmore! They invited us to share in their dinner one night, and they were so encouraging when they heard about our trip.  They also had a tour of Aunt Glady and loved our renovations!  We hated to see them leave the next day, but we are so grateful to have met them.  Maybe we will meet up again at the Fillmore KOA some day!!!  That is the beauty of being on the road; hospitality and friendship are just a campsite away.

The Fillmore KOA was a great campground to be waiting.  It has beautiful scenery and great internet.  If you have an ATV; it is a great stop with nearby trails through the mountains.  Here was our view for the week…

20150904_145156 20150904_164518We also had a furry friend who would visit daily…our first jack rabbit!  Slightly hideous when compared to the cottontail, yet entertaining and very wary of humans.  DSC_0040 DSC_0042

Our week of preparation and relaxation turned out to be great; and it allowed us to hit Zion at full-speed.  So long, Fillmore and friends!  We will hopefully meet again!

Fillmore, Utah KOA campground


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