Two Ingredient DIY Face Moisturizer: Simple, Effective Recipe

Simple DIY Face Moisturizer

World, diy face moisturizer recipe simple two ingredientsI am about to let you in on one of the best skincare secrets I know. It’s a diy face moisturizer recipe. It’s simple. It’s no melting or heat involved. It’s no mess…literally. It’s 2 ingredients with the option to add others if you like. It’s versatile for all skin types. It’s also great for acne prone skin and is very soothing. It’s inexpensive. It’s refreshing, light and moisturizing. It makes my skin feel soft like my sister’s new puppy’s belly (well, sans the fur).

Friends, what more could you ask for? Let me show you how to quickly make this simple recipe, and be sure to try it out this week.

DIY Face Moisturizer


this aloe vera gel

a moisturizing oil like this one  (Learn more about the benefits of different oils and how to pick one for your skin type.)

this tinted dropper bottle*

*I have found that a dropper is the easiest way to get the mix out of the bottle for application. I would use a tinted bottle, to keep the sun rays to a minimum. A glass bottle is important, and so is a glass dropper inside. We don’t want to use a glass bottle, and a plastic dropper – this is particularly important if you want to add essential oils to the mix.


Step 1:  We are going to do equal parts of the aloe and the oil. The easiest way to do this is to take your dropper bottle and add about 1 Tablespoon of the aloe gel – you can eyeball, no need to measure. Tamp down the aloe by gently tapping the bottom of the bottle on to the counter. By pouring directly in to the bottle, there is no clean-up afterwards. Not a single dish or utensil is needed for this recipe.

In the photo above, you see that I poured the two in to a bowl, but that was just for the photos. It was a real pain to get the aloe from the bowl in to the dropper bottle, best to squeeze it straight from the aloe bottle. 

Step 2:  Now pour about 1 tablespoon of the oil in the bottle. It does not have to be an exact science, you can eyeball it.

get your aloe and oil in the face moisturizer dropper bottle

Step 3:  I would start with just the base recipe first, so that you can see how it feels on its own. But then, add any additions you like. You can add a few drop of Vitamin E oil, which will work as an antioxidant – great for the skin and will also extend the shelf life of the other oil you used in the mix. Most vitamin E oil is made from soy, which I avoid, so I prefer this option. I also like to add frankincense essential oil, because, who am I kidding, I am almost 39, and it is about time I put some effort in to my skin. Frankincense promotes a youthful appearance, smooths the skin, helps with common issues, and may help with cell turnover (yes, please!). In this small batch, you only need 1 drop.

add essential oil to the diy facial moisturizer

Step 4:  Once you have the ingredients in the bottle, it is time to put the lid on and shake. We have not added an emulsifier to this moisturizer, meaning that the oil will separate from the aloe as it sits. So, you will need to shake before each use. It will look nice and creamy when shaken, like below.

diy face moisturizer recipe 2

How to Use Your DIY Face Moisturizer

And that is it! Your moisturizer is ready to use. Apply it to a still damp face after washing. You will only need a small amount, and you can use it once or twice a day. I use it twice a day, unless my face is extra dry – that is when I use the more moisturizing option that I will be explaining next week in Self Care Sunday!

aloe vera face moisturizer recipe

Once you have the basics down, feel free to play with the recipe as you like. If you feel like you need it to be more moisturizing, then lessen the aloe gel and increase the oil a bit. Also, you can play with the types of oil you use. Or take a look at some essential oil options for skin care.

Just remember, stick to small batches. There is a little bit of preservative in the aloe gel I mentioned above, and that will help with the shelf life; but you do not want to make a huge batch and expect it to keep well. You can up the amounts to fill the dropper bottle; I just gave you a small amount to start with, so you can play around with it. When you do the entire dropper bottle amount, you may use 2 drops of essential oil.

I think you are going to love the refreshing feel of this diy face moisturizer, and how soft it makes your face feel. Until next week, may you have soft, refreshed, rejuvenated skin!

Thanks for stepping in to my lab with me today – it’s been fun having you!

diy face moisturizer recipe


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2 comments on “Two Ingredient DIY Face Moisturizer: Simple, Effective Recipe

  1. Thank you for sharing your secret. I can’t wait to get the ingredients to begin using this. I am having skin issues and the dermatologist said it is from not using non comedogenic products….although it has continued with the “proper” skin creams. I am anxious to see if this works. .and am finally able to get rid of commercial products.

    • Hi, Rhonda! Hope it works out for you! I find it to be very gentle, and moisturizing, but not pore clogging.

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