Three Month RV Livin’ Anny! (You won’t believe where we are!)

Check out our latest Q & A session for our three month anniversary…

Let me remind everyone that we are tried and true Penn State fans.  And, we are old enough to remember when they were really good, as was Notre Dame.  We do have a lot of respect for Notre Dame and their tradition (and Rudy!), but we have to have a little fun as Penn Staters too!  Don’t worry about us, we made it through our visit unscathed…I guess we looked too old to the security guards to make any trouble.

Also, I did not explain myself in the video…we do have heat.  The little furnace runs on propane; but we have not used it yet.  We are waiting to get back to PA to try it out.  Our second propane tank has a leak in the line, so we didn’t want to blow through the propane.  So, since we did not have electric while dry camping at Cabela’s & Walmart, we couldn’t use our electric heater.

Here is a better view of the stadium (and the construction, which Chris loves to see)…20151002_193342

A look inside to the old stadium (long live Rudy!)

Notre Dame Football Stadium Some of the other beautiful buildings on their campus…

"Touchdown Jesus" Notre Dame

Basilica of the Sacred Heart, Notre Dame Admissions Notre Dame

We enjoyed our campus visit so much that tonight we are considering watching the Notre Dame game at O’Rourke’s Irish Pub near campus.  If Chris can face what he did to the football player in the bookstore…Notre Dame BookstoreDon’t worry, I threw the yellow flag for face mask!  Oh, the joy of Fall and college football!  Hope you get to enjoy a game today!

And I almost forgot…in the video I promised photos of Chris’ latest repair.  It remains a repair in progress, but he is working on a way to keep the Teflon plate in place.  The plate sits between the pin on our fifth wheel and the hitch on the truck when the RV is attached.  The little teeth on the plate that typically hold it in place on the pin have worn down.  The plate itself hasn’t lost any thickness and still works well once in position…it just doesn’t like to stay in position when the trailer isn’t attached to the hitch.  When it is not attached, the plate has no where to be, just a sad, lonely plate looking for a home and waiting to get lost.  The main problem is, you do not want to be holding the Teflon plate in place with your hands while attaching the fifth-wheel – dangerous business, people.  We gave up our house, 99% of our stuff, regular fellowship with our church family and anytime visits with our friends and family for this venture – we want to keep all of our fingers thank you very much.

Preparing the plate with glue…20151001_112213Preparing to place the plate around the pin from the fifth-wheel… 20151001_112244Plate is in place…20151001_112253

Herein lies the rub (hopefully not literally), if Chris’ hand is holding the plate in place, then who is delicately driving the diesel truck so as to avoid injury??? Yours truly.  I have arrived at the crux of the matter…20151001_112306

Chris’ attempt at Gorilla Glueing the thing didn’t work.  When we detached, the plate slide right off.  Clearly Teflon is not meant to bond to anything.   If you have any suggestions, please email us or leave a comment below – we would really appreciate it!



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  1. I believe a true Penn State fan would relieve themselves upon any Notre Dame structure. Please provide the b-side footage of you doing your civic “doody.”

    • Very well said McNett! Unfortunately (or fortunately) the b-side footage has already been destroyed in an effort to protect those involved. – Chris

  2. Hey :),
    Did you figure out the plate thing yet? I left a message on your facebook. 🙂 The blog is so great!!!

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