Thieves® Essential Oil Blend: The History of Thieves® + Why & How to Use it

It is no secret that I love essential oils.thieves essential oil - history of thieves, how to use thieves essential oil They have really helped me to maintain a new level of wellness, especially since all of my health struggles. When I first began with essential oils, I started with single oils, and quickly learned just how powerful they could be. But it wasn’t until I delved more in to essential oil blends that I really felt like the true power and effectiveness of essential oils was unlocked. My favorite oils now are all blends, and at the top of my list is the Thieves® essential oil blend. Let’s take a look at why essential oils blends are so effective, the history of Thieves® essential oil and how to use Thieves® essential oil to support our immune systems. As the weather changes, and our bodies have to face more fights; Thieves® essential oil is necessary for promoting our overall wellness.

What is an Essential Oil Blend?

An essential oil blend is when two or more single essential oils are combined. It sounds simple, but it is actually very complicated to get an effective blend. Combining certain oils together will enhance their properties, but adding just one wrong oil to the group can actually detract from the overall effectiveness. Essential oils are more than just a sum of their individual constituents, there are complex interactions among the constituents that give unique properties and characteristics. Perfectly balancing these synergies in blends is delicate.

The chemistry of essential oils is complex, consisting of hundreds of unique chemical compounds. Essential oils were perfectly made by God to serve many purposes within the plant.

In the human body, essential oils communicate with our bodies and interact on a cellular level. Within 20 minutes of application, essential oils will reach every cell within our bodies. Essential oils can encourage healing for just about anything. With this kind of power and complexity, it is easy to see why combining different essential oils successfully is a delicate balance that takes a lot of knowledge and research for the very best results.

How can we know what to blend successfully? Well, unless it comes from a very trusted source, I do not recommend mixing and matching without extensive essential oil knowledge. There is no reason to fear combining oils, it is just my personal opinion that I do not want to waste oils; I want my blends to be the most effective they can be. So, I trust the professionals who have extensively researched the many constituents and understand how they synergize, because I want to use my oils as effectively as possible to get the most out of them.

History of Thieves® Essential Oil

Thieves is a proprietary blend developed by Young Living’s founder, Gary Young. Because it is a proprietary blend, that means that every other version of Thieves (outside of Young Living) is a different blend – legally, no one else can create and sell the exact same blend, so every other version will be lacking in some way from the original.

Gary Young was introduced to premium quality essential oils while working at his clinic in Mexico in 1985. Until then, he had only been exposed to perfumes and synthetic oils and had not seen good results with them. It took meeting a woman who had brought her cancer-diagnosed sister to his clinic, for Gary Young to learn about the potential of quality, true essential oils. She supplied him with some research, and he quickly learned that essential oils were far more concentrated and powerful than the herbs and tinctures he had been using. (Source)

About a week later, Gary Young was completely intrigued by essential oils, and he decided to attend a seminar on the chemistry of essential oils and their function and action against infection and immune support at the University of Geneva, Switzerland. After that, it was more conferences in France and a life-long commitment to studying, researching and bringing the best of the essential oil world to the U.S.  (Source)

As part of his research, he came across the legend of the Four Thieves, while studying at the Warwick University in London, England in 1991. He reported that he read several different versions of the Thieves legend at the London Library, some from the 15th century and some from the 18th century. (Source)

The Thieves legend is based on the speculation that a group of thieves wore a certain formula of botanicals on their persons in order to stave off being infected by the Plague, while pilfering the belongings of the ill. When brought to judgement, the legend claims that they were forced to give up their formula for a more lenient punishment. (Source)

Variations of the story and variations of the formula were passed down through history; but Gary Young identified four main botanical components across the stories to use as the base for his Thieves blend: clove, cinnamon, rosemary and lemon. (Source)

He added eucalyptus radiata, and Young Living’s Thieves® essential oil blend was created in 1992.

The Power of Thieves® Essential Oil Blend

Thieves® essential oil blend is a powerhouse for maintaining a healthy immune system. It helps the body to regulate its natural immune response. It helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels. It also helps to support the respiratory system and healthy lung function. It is also great for cleaning to aid in reducing household germs.

Let’s take a closer look at the individual oils in the blend…

Clove – Well known for its usage in the mouth and for teeth. Clove is also high in antioxidants. The primary constituent is Eugenol – look that up for some further research.

Lemon – Lemon essential oil comes from the rind of the lemon. It is not acidic like lemon juice. Take a moment to research limonene – one of its main constituents.

Cinnamon Bark–  This is a warming oil. Research Cinnamaldehyde for more information.

Eucalyptus radiata – A great component of the blend that adds respiratory support. It has a very fresh and clean scent. Check out the main constituent 1,8 cineole for more information.

Rosemary –  Rosemary has a woodsy aroma that promotes a sense of clarity. It is used in shampoos and conditioners for hair and scalp health.  A main constituent for further research is Alpha-pinene.

Some further research…

Top 10 uses for Thieves® Essential Oil Blend

  1. Rub 2 drops on the bottoms of feet or along spine to support healthy immunity. The clove and cinnamon bark make Thieves® a warming blend – it will keep your feet warm while it works!
  2. Diffuse 3-4 drops for a spicy aroma that removes mustiness and related concerns.
  3. Use Thieves® Vitality for an immune bomb! If you really want to put up a fight, and stop things in their tracks, try 2-4 drops of Thieves® in a 00 size capsule, and fill the rest of the capsule with a carrier oil such as olive oil. Take with meals and water. This is not meant for a daily regime, just for a few days when needed. Bombs are not for beginners, use the other options if new to essential oils.
  4. Add a drop or two of Thieves® to your cleaning rag to boost the cleaning power!
  5. Thieves is an excellent addition to my homemade toothpaste recipe. You can also add it to your coconut oil when oil pulling.
  6. To remove sticky labels, add a drop of Thieves®. Let it sit for a few minutes, then rub clean.
  7. Clean your dishwasher! Add 2 drops of Thieves® with white vinegar on an empty cycle.
  8. Need extra immune support? Got that icky feeling and want to beat it? Follow my instructions for a nice foot bath, then follow it up with 1-2 drops of Thieves® on each foot.
  9. Make a spicy tea by adding 1 drop of Thieves® Vitality to a warm cup of water. Or use Young Living Thieves Cough drops to get an extra dose of Thieves®.
  10. Looking for the easiest way to add Thieves® essential oil to your cleaning routine? Young Living has an entire cleaning product line based on Thieves® including household cleaner, laundry detergent, dish soap, dishwasher soap, toothpaste, mouthwash, hand sanitizer, hand soap and more.

Young Living’s top 25 uses for Thieves® essential oil.

What is the Difference between Thieves® and Thieves® Vitality?

There is no difference in the ingredients of these two blends. They are the exact same blend. So, why are they labeled differently? Well, this came about due to the FDA.

Young Living works very hard at aligning what it does with FDA regulations. In this case, the FDA does not allow a product to be labeled as a dietary supplement AND for topical and aromatic use. No pharmaceuticals exist that can be used both internally as a dietary supplement, topically on the skin and aromatically through inhalation.

But, just because the FDA won’t allow it, does not mean it doesn’t occur naturally. Some essential oils are effective and safe to use internally, topically and aromatically. So, how can Young Living explain this to customers but also follow FDA regulations? Well, it created different labels for the same product.

Thieves® and Thieves® Vitality are the exact same blend. The only difference is the label. The Thieves label gives instructions for using Thieves® essential oil topically and aromatically. The Thieves® Vitality label only gives instructions for using Thieves® essential oil internally as a dietary supplement. I want to clear this up for all of you, because it can be confusing. Know that the oil is the exact same, it is just the instructions that are different so that Young Living complies with FDA regulations.

The same goes for the entire Vitality line. Lemon and Lemon Vitality are the same oil; but they show the different instructions just like Thieves®. Lemon has a label for the topical and aromatic uses. Lemon Vitality has a label for the internal uses.

Not every essential oil is included in the Vitality line, that is because the Vitality line consists only of oils that the FDA considers GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe for Consumption). Not every essential oil is safe for internal consumption, but Young Living makes it easy to know the ones that are, as they are found in the Vitality line. The Vitality line has easily recognizable white labels.

To sum it all up, the Vitality line consists of essential oils that are considered Generally Regarded As Safe for Consumption by the FDA. While they are the exact same oil as the non-Vitality version; the difference is that the Vitality label will give instructions for internal use, while the non-vitality label will give instructions for topical and aromatic use. Separating the instructions is necessary for adhering to FDA regulations.

I hope I have cleared up this issue for you, but please feel free to leave any questions in the comments below, and I will be happy to answer you.

In the meantime, with the change in seasons, I hope you are stocked up with Thieves® essential oil blend, and the other Thieves® based products to keep your home clean and healthy all winter long!

Want access to the original Thieves® essential oil blend with a wholesale discount? Ready to switch out the toxic cleaners in your home for plant-based cleaners with the power of Thieves®? Do you want the best oils from the world leader in essential oils? Do you want me for a guide along your journey? Then, it is time to join my team with Young Living! See the instructions here, and let’s get started together!

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