When we left our campground outside the East entrance of Yellowstone, we took Aunt Glady through the park and to the South exit, which led us to Grand Teton National Park.  My parents’ flight back to PA was out of Jackson Hole, so we stayed there for a few days.  You can see our route below…Wyoming to Jackson Hole

Here we are at the Tetons…20150829_155900


20150829_155416After viewing the Tetons and the bison herd; the thriving, trendy town of Jackson Hole welcomed us with many restaurants, shops, and art galleries.20150830_063716

20150829_190525We enjoyed our last evening together downtown before my parents’ flight.  Chris and my Dad found their way to the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar…20150829_192323 20150829_191037My parents were able to see 4 national parks in their 10 day trip. Not bad for old timers (ha ha).  They loved the West and the adventure.  While this ended our journey together, I wouldn’t be surprised if we find them as stowaways at another point in our travels!

With Butch Larrity and the Sundance Lady gone; the full moon over Jackson Hole was lonely the next night.DSC_0056 DSC_0059





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