The RVing Itch

I am calling it the RVing itch, and I’ve got it bad, friends. It has creeped up inside me, settling in the valley of my contentment like a fog. An unsettling fog tinting my vision. Like a veil between me and my simple daily joy.

Old man winter has yet to loosen his grip on us, and the snow storms continue to cycle through our midst. Each week seems to bring another snowfall, and the temperatures remain in the 40s and dropping below freezing at night. This was two days ago…

winter for rvers 2

winter for rvers

But it can not last forever. Change is just over the horizon. The seasons can not be held still, each one is chased out by the next.

We have seen signs of winter’s ending. On March 31st, we heard the first of the March peepers croaking their welcoming advances to each other in a nearby creek. They just barely lived up to their name, by appearing the last day of the month. Their symphony was brief; we have not heard them since. But, we know they are there, just waiting below the surface for their voices to rise again with the temperature.

While I have yet to see any blooms, I have seen the fresh, green shoots from bulbs who bided their time with their stored energy from last year, now using all their strength to break through the earth and will soon put all their efforts in to their beautiful blooms.

The wild turkeys are out in droves, with the males proudly strutting around packs of females.

The Amish plows are being pulled by horse teams, preparing the soil for the crops that we will be eating in a few months.

Thousands of snow geese have passed our home in their undeniable longing to head North. Their pure white bodies, with black tipped wings have steadily journeyed across the sky, braving the wind and snow in their indefatigable flight. Encouraging each other with their loud honks that interrupt our work days. For a few weeks, they were raising the alarm morning and evening, and Chris and I would rush to the windows to watch them in their life’s struggle.

snow geese in flight  snow geese migrating

As we witness each subtle change, we know that the winter fury will pass to the newness of Spring.  One morning I will wake up, and it will feel like Spring happened over night. The birds will sing as if for the first time, the air will be mild and the sun will be bright. In the end, it will feel as though it happened quickly, and the sweet kiss of Spring will make all anew.

In the meantime, I am trying to bide my time like the bulbs. Waiting patiently, knowing that in life, change happens overnight, just like the seasons. We may long for a change for days, months or even years; but in the end, it so often happens overnight. All the little signs and inclinations will culminate and there is no turning back.

The fog that I have felt settling inside me the past few days, may just be cabin fever, but I am calling it the RVing itch, because I am not just longing for Spring, I am longing for our next trip. I am longing for the open road. I am longing for long hikes in the desert, for seeing North Dakota for the first time, for exploring Theodore Roosevelt National Park where wild mustangs roam, for visiting RV friends, for experiencing the Indy 500, for sunsets in the Badlands, for looking over at Chris will he drives and seeing Aunt Glady’s nose out of the corner of my eye.

The longing is great, but it has been made greater still by this past winter. Having a home and a break from RVing has just added even more excitement to our upcoming trips. Chris and I weren’t sure how we would feel after living in the house for a bit. We weren’t sure if we would want to leave again so soon. But, I can honestly say, that we could not be happier. We love our home, but we are also excited to hit the road again. And we are even happier knowing what we have to come back home to.

I think that, just like the seasons, the transitions we will now have from home to RV and back again will be welcome changes that help us to appreciate each shift all the more. We hope that these transitions will keep us from taking our daily life for granted, while allowing us to be continually renewed in our meaningful purpose.

So, I am biding my time. Waiting for the change to come. Assured in my current fog, that it will lift overnight. Spring will not be denied, and RVing will shortly follow for us.

As RVers, we have so very much to look forward to. So much is on our horizon. So much is yet to come.

It is a great state of mind to be in.

rv in the snow


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I love travel, which led me to become a fulltime RVer. I love wellness, which I can talk about 'til the cows come home. I love being self-employed, which means I get to dabble in what interests me from essential oils to RV planners. But most importantly, I love my husband and our life together on the road!

6 comments on “The RVing Itch

  1. Great post! I really enjoyed reading it. I hope you can “thaw” out soon! You will really enjoy North Dakota and Theodore Roosevelt National Park. My husband and I took a trip there some years ago. Loved the wide open spaces and quiet beauty of N.D. The National Park there is wonderful as well – lovely badlands (different than the S.D. badlands) and I loved seeing the wild horses and bison roaming around. I look forward to more posts of your travels!

    • Hi, Beth! Thanks so much! We just can’t get enough of the West, and it sounds like ND is going to be a great – just what we were hoping for.

  2. I can telate to this post. The Spring ‘tease’ had better stop soon. Still looking forward to getting rid of our $1000 per month storage unit, aka house we don’t live in, retiring and getting out there.

    Are you near the Sight and Sound Theater in PA?

    • Good to hear from you, Jayna! We are North of Lancaster – closer to Williamsport. Love Sight & Sound though. I had to laugh at your “storage unit” reference! 🙂

  3. We are headed to TRNP the last week of May. Hope it thaws before then! 🙂 Our goal is northeast Montana to place my mother-in-law’s ashes next to dad’s. Joy and sorrow. Our human existence this side of heave is surely a mix. Love your posts. Been missing your videos.

    • Hi, Gene! We are going to miss you by about a month – we are headed to Utah first, then hitting TRNP on our way back. I am sure that will be a bitter sweet trip for you, but so meaningful. Thanks for the encouragement – and more videos coming soon!

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