The Rodeo, The Rents, The Mystery

The Rodeo

Next stop in the Black Hills was Rapid City.  If you are traveling, they have a great butcher shop called the Cutting Edge Meat Market.  We stocked up on grass-fed beef and locally raised ham and bacon, and we were able to purchase some wild caught cod as well.  At the market, we found out about a rodeo taking place that evening at the Central States Fair, and I can not pass up a rodeo.  So, we took in a South Dakota sunset at the rodeo.


The Rents

The next morning, we picked up my parents at the airport.  They stayed with us in the rv for two nights, which went really well.  The daybed in our “living room” folds out to a King size bed, and they slept like babies.  My parents spent a lot of time tent camping, so Aunt Glady was luxury to them!  We took them down to see the buffalo and prairie dogs, so they could experience the plains a little before we moved on.



The Mystery

Here is a mystery that maybe you can figure out.  While staying in Rapid City, we had a warm day that was hazy.  My Mom, Chris and I went to the pool and found it filled with little black bugs.  Now, this was a really nice campground that was well kept, so after skimming it himself for awhile, Chris went down to the office to let them know.  Two gentlemen came to the pool to see what he was talking about, and then was when they let us in on the mystery.  I have given you all the clues, see if you can figure it out.  I will let you know the answer in a later post.


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  1. I am not good at figuring out mysteries, especially when it involves little black bugs. So, I am waiting for the answer. Will be following…………..

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