The Great Salt Lake

A significant bonus of being able to explore the US with no real time constraints is the ability to follow your curiosity.  I think it is the reason people visit the largest ball of yarn…or that car henge thing…or many other atrocities curiosities that peak human interest.


In planning our first few days in Utah, we knew that we wanted to visit Salt Lake City, which quickly reminded us of the city’s vicinity to the Great Salt Lake.  Being from the East Coast, we really did not know much about the lake, other than its high salt content.  I began to envision beautiful mineral waters and people bobbing on the lake’s surface like the Dead Sea.  I did some quick research to see if there was a good place to visit the lake, and the picture in my mind began to change:  my beautiful mineral waters turned in to stinking, brine-shrimp infested waters; people gently bobbing on the surface, turned in to swimmers lathering themselves in oil/fat to keep their skin from being chaffed from the salt.  I also read that the bugs are terrible on the lake’s banks.

And that is where curiosity took over.  Could it really be that bad?  We were dedicated to finding out.

Here is our experience at the Great Salt Lake…

While I can not attest to the entire lake, we did not have any bothersome insects or brine shrimp. The smell was bad, but not overwhelming.  While it wasn’t the best water experience we have had by far, it was still an interesting experience to walk through a desert-like landscape to a lake.

After being in the water, we rinsed our feet (and Chris’ hands, since he put them in as well).  You can see the salt build up & dryness in the photos below.  I would definitely recommend entering the lake where there is a fresh water faucet nearby for rinsing.


20150903_114856Some fun facts about the lake… 

  • The Great Salt Lake is the largest salt water lake in the Western Hemisphere.
  • The water is saltier than sea water, but not as salty as the Dead Sea.
  • The lake is very shallow, which is why its size varies so much.



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