The Grand Canyon: North Rim

Is it possible to ruin the Grand Canyon?  I have to admit that we were a little concerned.  We loved the Badlands, Black Hills, Yellowstone, Grand Tetons and other parks.  We also have now experienced Zion Canyon in Utah…would the Grand Canyon’s glory be dimmed by our prior experiences?  In one word…”not even close.”  Let me try that again…in one word… “NO WAY, JOSE!” That was three too!

Seriously, no!  The Grand Canyon lived up to its standard of pristine awesomeness.  Part of its brilliance is its stillness.  The depth and extremes of its views are perfectly still.  I loved that.

For a quick trip, we did not do any real hiking; but we did check out the vistas at each of the arrows below…Grand Canyon North The North Rim

The North Rim does have a campground, lodge and cabins located right on the edge of the Grand Canyon.  It also has plenty of overlooks along a nice walking path…20150913_115717 20150913_115813 20150913_122407 20150913_115255 20150913_123911 20150913_115337 20150913_115404










Vista Encantada & Roosevelt Point

Looking for more of the classic Grand Canyon red tones?  How about these vistas…

20150913_141020 20150913_14102420150913_142316DSC_0118

Walhalla Overlook 

The point of interest at this overlook is the archaeological dig that shows the remains of a Puebloan community on the rim.  The third photo shows where their winter delta lodging in the canyon along the Colorado River was located, conveniently highlighted by natural sunlight.    20150913_150157 20150913_150639 20150913_150131

Cape Royal

This viewpoint features angels window…Angels Window Angels Window JenAnd Chris reveled in hanging over the precarious edge…look at that cheese! (Do people say that anymore???)20150913_152728We also were able to enjoy a storm blowing in to the canyon…20150913_153146 20150913_153127

Up next, another canyon…Bryce Canyon!

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2 comments on “The Grand Canyon: North Rim

  1. Isn’t seeing the Grand Canyon the most awesome experience? Your photos are great. I have a few from when we were there, but they are all in my computer, not my phone. We were only on the South Rim.

    Looking forward to seeing you both when you get back to PA.

    • Hi, Ginger! That will be neat to compare the South & North rim photos when we get back! Looking forward to seeing you too! Plus, we are planning to travel through Alabama, so we need your input!!!

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