You:  What on God’s green onepurify your drinking water for pennies is that big silver thing in your kitchen???

Me:  It’s a Berkey Water Filter and we LOVE it!

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Our Berkey water filter has caught so much attention. Our viewers notice it in our YouTube videos, and our blog readers spot it on our website, so we routinely receive questions about it. It has enough of a strange look to it that people are drawn to it, but can’t quite place its purpose. That all ends today. Today, because so many of you have asked, you will learn what a Berkey water filter is and why you need one. I am about to fast track you to a better understanding of what is in tap water, while providing you with the expertise of water purification that the top dogs in wellness know. Drinking purified water is so critical to your health, and we live in times when pesticides, steroids, hormones, pain killers, other pharmaceuticals, chlorine, heavy metals and so many other contaminants are found in regular tap water. If we are taking this wellness journey seriously, then filtering our water is a necessary step along the way!

Let’s start with the research on the Berkey water filters…

What Makes a berkey water filter different?

Berkey water filters are actually classified as “Water Purifiers”, because they meet the classification standards of removing at least 99.9999% of pathogenic bacteria and reducing viruses by 99.99%.  The Berkey water filters actually exceed these specifications.

Here is a list of just some of the other harmful contaminants Berkey filters remove in addition to the bacteria and viruses:

  • greater than 99.8% of Trihalomethanes
  • Inorganic Minerals (Chlorine)
  • greater than 99% Aluminum, Chromium, Copper, Iron, Lead, Mercury, Nickel (Click here for listing of all heavy metals it removes)
  • greater than 99.9% Micro-Organisms (Coliform, Fecal Coliform, e. Coli)
  • greater than 99.9% Pharmaceutical Drug Contaminants (Acetaminophen, Caffeine, Triclosan, Progestrone, Ibuprofen, Naproxen Sodium, Erythromycin, etc.) PEOPLE – THESE & OTHER DRUGS, ANTIBIOTICS AND HORMONES ARE FOUND IN DRINKING WATER (Source)!!!  I can not express to you how serious this situation has become without scaring the socks off of you! Allow this to sink-in…people are now ingesting the pharmaceuticals and prescription drugs that their neighbors are taking just by drinking tap water. That is more than enough of a motivator for me to make changes to ensure the quality of my family’s drinking water.
  • Pesticides removed to Below Lab Detectable Limits (click here to see the full listing)

To achieve these results the Berkey filters use microfiltration and unique ionic adsorption and absorption. These features are built into the filters’ structure, so they do not wear out or decrease functionality. The only maintenance needed on the element is to clean it periodically to remove the contaminants that are trapped on the outermost surface – this takes about 3 minutes a few times a year. Each element can produce up to 3,000 gallons of purified drinking water, and there are two elements per Berkey. For an average family of four using approx. 2-4 gallons of purified water a day, that is a duration of at least four years.  (Source)

Additionally, Berkey water filters are known for their ability to remove water contaminants WITHOUT REMOVING THE NECESSARY MINERALS IN WATER THAT OUR BODIES NEED. Unlike reverse osmosis and distilled water, Berkey filtered water maintains its beneficial minerals (such as Magnesium, which we already talked about here). There is no other option for removing all of these contaminants including viruses and pharmaceuticals and maintaining the water’s beneficial minerals.

Berkey filters are so powerful that people even use them on river water, pool water, etc., making them a great option for emergency preparedness.

Interested in proof? Check out these 3rd party testing lab reports for the Berkey water filters.

How do they work?

Pour water in to the top and the filter elements do all the work. The water will be purified as gravity pulls it from the top container to the bottom container. The bottom container has a spigot to make pouring the purified water easy. It is as simple as pouring water in to the top, and then using the spigot when you want water. No batteries or electricity needed. Gravity moves the water and the elements purify it. You just set it on your counter, pour water in the top, and get purified water from the spigot. Simple.

And our experience…

I purchased our Berkey about five years ago, when I went through a health crisis and subsequent revamping of our daily lives to improve our wellness. I really can’t express enough how much we enjoy the taste of our Berkey-filtered water and the confidence we now have in the quality of our drinking water. Our Berkey has removed odors and off tastes from our water. We literally take our Berkey every where we go. Even before we became fulltime RVers, we would take our Berkey on all of our vacations – we love the water that much. Once you have the best purified water to drink, you will notice how terrible other water tastes. We purchased the Big Berkey, and we moved it in to our RV when we became fulltime RVers. If I was purchasing one specifically for an RV, I would go with the smaller Travel Berkey.

As RVers, our water source is changing multiple times a week. This gives an added pressure to make sure that we know the quality of our drinking water. From city water to wells, we are 100% covered by our Berkey water filters. Whether we are staying in the swamp in Louisiana, near a Feed Lot in Kansas, or on Seattle city water; we have confidence in our drinking water because of our Berkey. We still use a filter for the entire RV, mainly to remove chlorine from our shower water; but our Berkey is the ONLY water we use for drinking and cooking. On travel days, we just put it on the floor and bungee it to the drawer handles as seen in the photo above.

That sounds great, but let’s talk cost!

I am a frugal woman on a wellness journey, so it is important to me to share with you the value of something I recommend. The cost for a Big Berkey like ours, which comes with the 2 necessary filter elements is $258.00. You are going to purify at least 6,000 gallons with those two filter elements (which will last the average family of four at least 4 years). $258 divided by 6,000 gives you a cost of about 4 cents a gallon. You are able to obtain the highest quality purified water which retains its beneficial minerals for literally pennies per gallon. No batteries, electricity, added minerals or difficult installation are needed.

Years from now, when it is time to replace the filters, you use the same Berkey, and just replace the two black elements. They are approx. $100 for a set of two. That gives you a cost of about 1 and a half cents per gallon for the next 4 years or so of purified water.

Added bonuses right now (depending on when you order) if you use the link below: Even more good news! They offer FREE SHIPPING on any order over $50! And right now on the Berkey Filters website, they are offering the Berkey Care Lifetime Warranty for FREE with a Berkey filter purchase! You can not get that lifetime warranty if you do not purchase directly from Berkey. Other sellers can not guarantee the product.
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If I didn’t already have one, you better believe this girl would be buying her Berkey today! I have the Big Berkey, but the Travel Berkey, which is smaller, would also work great in a RV!

All of the information is on the site, including initial set-up and  the easy maintenance steps to keep your Berkey like new for years of water filtering.

Now that I am confident that you are drinking purified water, my work is done…until next Self Care Sunday that is!!!




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About Jen

I love travel, which led me to become a fulltime RVer. I love wellness, which I can talk about 'til the cows come home. I love being self-employed, which means I get to dabble in what interests me from essential oils to RV planners. But most importantly, I love my husband and our life together on the road!

15 comments on “THE BEST WATER FILTER FOR YOUR RV OR HOME? Berkey Water Filter Review

  1. Hi folks!
    Great Sunday post again!
    My question (tho I think yes is the answer): Would this eliminate the need to purchase distilled water that we use to prevent particulates in certain electrical appliances, such as an iron, humidifiers etc? I’ve been wanting to research filters, especially since your healthy recipes call for filtered water. (I have been using distilled and/or purified spring water which add$ up. )
    God Bless!

    • Hi, Cindy! I use the Berkey water in all of my recipes. It is what I refer to as filtered water. I use it exclusively in all my cooking. For example, if I am making rice, I use the Berkey water (unless I have broth to use). In terms of electrical appliances, I am going to contact Berkey to see what their official word is on the subject. If an electrical appliance specifically states to only used distilled water, then that is what I would do to follow their instructions. However, I personally feel comfortable enough after reviewing the research that for my diffuser for essential oils, I switch between Berkey purified water and distilled water. If I have distilled, I use it. If not, I go with Berkey. I hope that is helpful. I will follow-up again once I hear back from my contact at Berkey. Thanks, Cindy!!!:)

      • Hi, Cindy! I spoke with my Berkey expert yesterday, and here is the scoop. The Berkey does purify the water, so bacteria growth, etc. is not an issue. However, the purified water retains its beneficial minerals. For appliances, the mineral build up can be an issue. So, if it states to use distilled water, then stick with the distilled. Hope that is helpful!

  2. Hi Jen,
    My husband and I are planning to full time in the next couple of years. Curious to see if you would choose the Big Berkey or Travel Berkey if you were just purchasing one now? We were thinking the Big Berkey until I read your post that you would get a Travel Berkey for an RV. It’s just the two of us and we plan on using it for drinking and cooking. It seems like that is what you and Chris use it for. How often are you filling up your Big Berkey? The cost difference between the two really isn’t much so I am curious as to why you might recommend the Travel size for RVing. Is there a specific reason?
    Thanks and I love your channel!

    • Hi, there! Excellent questions! The only reason I would get the smaller travel size is solely due to saving a little more space on the RV, especially for people with RVs that are smaller than ours (26 feet). We just want every one to be confident in drinking pure water as they travel the country or at home, so we want to make sure people know that there is a smaller option available if necessary. However, we are very happy with the Big Berkey. You are absolutely right, we use ours for all of our drinking water (making tea, etc.), and I also use it in cooking (rice, oatmeal, making chicken broth etc.) If I am reaching for water for us to consume in any way, I go to the Berkey. We refill ours about every three days. We drink water almost exclusively, and I cook a lot. Even when we are travelling or hiking, I typically fill up water bottles. So, I think our use is pretty high for two people. I just checked with some friends of ours, and they fill their Big Berkey usually once a week. One of the things I love about the Berkey is that you can literally take it anywhere. For us, it worked great in our house for years, and it works great on the RV now too. Hope that was helpful. Congrats on your upcoming plans – so exciting! Thank you for the questions and encouragement! -Jen

      • Thanks so much for the answers Jen! Would you recommend the water view spigot?
        Thanks again!

        • I do not have one, and I have to admit that it is kind of pain to not have a direct view of the water level. Once the flow slows in the spigot, then we know to add more. That method has definitely left us short on water on a few occasions. 🙂 So, while I do not currently have one, I do think it is a wise purchase. In fact, I think Chris and I are going to order one to add to our unit, because it would definitely make a difference. Hope that helps! -Jen

          • Thanks for all the information Jen! I really appreciate you taking the time to answer me. I really like your Self Care Sunday posts and love your videos too! 🙂

  3. Jen,

    I enjoy your YouTube channel. I especially enjoy your healthy living tips. I am planning to purchase a Big Berkey but am a bit confused as to whether or not I should buy the fluoride filters. Are they necessary, or do you feel like the black filters do enough on their own?



    • Hi, Lannett! Great question! The black filters filter out all of the contaminants, bacteria, and other items I mentioned above. The fluoride filters only filter out fluoride – they are specific to that purpose. Fluoride is added to city/public water. If you are planning to use the Berkey with city/public water, then you may want to consider adding the fluoride filters to remove the fluoride from the water. I am linking an article at the end of this comment so that you can start your research on the bad effects of fluoride to make an informed decision. However, if you are on a well, then there is no need for the fluoride filters. We were on a well when we bought our Berkey, so we did not originally buy the fluoride filters. A few years later, we were on city water again, so we added the fluoride filters at that time. By adding the fluoride filters, it does add a little extra time for the water to be purified, as they slow it down a little. As RVers, we are usually on well water, so we do not currently use our fluoride filters. If you are interested in learning the negative effects of fluoride, here is an article from Dr. Mercola’s website that you may find helpful: Hope that helps – please feel free to ask any other questions! I am passionate about my purified water from my Berkey, so I am always glad to help out! 🙂

  4. Just recently heard about the Berkey system. At last, after so many many years chasing after reverse osmosis. Such a wonderful surprise to get the questions that came up for me answered right here, right now. Thankful!!!

    • So glad to be of help! We love our Berkey, and I have received a lot of feedback from readers who have now purchased one and they love it too!

  5. Hello, My husband and I are preparing to start fulltime RVing.. and I also need to follow many of the wellness practices that you do, as I have had chemical intolerance issues.
    When discussing the water purification system that you use my husband asked why the filter on the RV isn’t good enough. Can you help us understand this?

    • Hi, Geri! I am not sure what kind of filter you have on your RV, but typically it is a carbon filter with a screen for sediment. The main function of these filters is to reduce sediment and reduce the chlorine in the water. In contrast, the Berkey uses microfiltration and ionic adsorption and absorption. It filters so much that it actually qualifies as a water purifier. It removes greater than 99.99% of pathogenic bacteria and viruses from water, it removes heavy metals, pharmaceuticals (hormones, steroids, antibiotics), pesticides and more. While removing all of the problems, it also retains the beneficial minerals in water that our bodies need. It will also remove any sediment and chlorine in the water. Plus, the filter strength does not wane with time, like a carbon filter. There is no RV filter that compares to this kind of purifying. I hope that answers your question, but please ask away! 🙂

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