Tetons: Jenny Lake

For a quick, but rewarding and unique hike in the Tetons; Jenny Lake is a great option.  From the Jenny Lake Visitor Center, we took the shuttle boat across the Lake to the Hidden Falls/Inspiration Point trailheads.  You can hike along the lake back to the visitor center, or ride back on the shuttle after your hike.  We enjoyed being out on the lake so much, that we took the shuttle both ways.Jenny Lake, TetonsTake a look at that clear alpine water…20150831_160318 20150831_160527This view from the boat as you approach to trail heads…20150831_161426It is astounding to be in the presence of the Tetons.  Their height and sheer walls are breathtaking as they peer over every scene…20150831_171740Here is Hidden Falls…20150831_165918As we hiked along the creek, we watched the sunlight seem to make the water glow from beneath, as if we had found a leprechaun’s secret…20150831_173246After returning from our hike and boat ride, we found the sun with its last grip on the edge of the Tetons for the day…20150831_181421Once the sun passed below the peaks, we walked along Mormon Row.  These buildings date back to around 1910.  This community was begun as part of the Homestead Act.  What a view they had…DSC_0068



Grand Teton National Park and the surrounding area have many activities available: kayaking, hiking, a tram that soars in the air, and so much more.  They also boast a similar line-up of wild animals to Yellowstone:  grizzlies, moose, elk, wolves, bison, mule deer, etc.  The Tetons themselves entrance visitors and invite you to come close to their protective visage.  We only had a few days there, but we are hoping to make it back another time.20150831_200420

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