Stuhr Museum: A tribute to the pioneers

We spent a few days in Grand Island, Nebraska along the Platte River and visited the Stuhr Museum.

Chris will do a post on the museum building, as it was designed by a world-renowned architect and is a beautiful white gem in the prairie.

Outside of the museum, the grounds showcase different historical stages of life in Nebraska.  They have a 1860s settlement of log cabins you can walk through,a rural one-room schoolhouse, a 1890s farmstead, a ranch and more.

I am going to share some photos of our two favorite parts of the grounds.  First, the 1890s railroad town (Keep in mind, the height of The Oregon Trail travelers was in the 1840s & 50s).  You can walk through the town and in to most of the buildings. There were guides at some of the buildings to answer any questions.  Most of the buildings were actually from the 1890s and were moved to the grounds to preserve them.  It really did give us a feel for what life was like in early settlements.

stuhr museum 1890s homes




Our other favorite part?  I will leave you in suspense no longer…a Pawnee Earth Lodge…and you can go inside and view the awesomeness!

20150726_161515 20150726_161724 20150726_161959

For a hot day on the prairie, it was nice and cool in the lodge.  The feel and smell are exactly what you might be guessing, only more awesome.  The photos don’t do the size justice – it was very spacious inside.  There were several different tribes in the Nebraska area, but the Pawnee were the largest and these earth lodges were their typical homes.  Reminds you a little bit of the sod homes that some of the homesteaders used.

Since visiting the Stuhr museum, we have continued on our journey along the Platte River and are currently staying in North Platte, NE.  So far, we have been catching up on things at the campground (ya know – laundry, swimming, working, swimming, cleaning, swimming, etc.)  Coming up will be a visit to Buffalo Bill Cody’s Ranch!

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  1. Really love the pictures of the inside of the sod house. People are so creative! Your blog is great!

    • Thanks Michelle!! So glad you stopped by and we hope you continue to enjoy!

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