Southwest Utah: Mexican Hat

Our travels took us East across the southern end of Utah and the Navajo Reservation to Mexican Hat.

Lake Powell

We had never heard of Lake Powell before our stay at the Fillmore KOA.  The local friends we made explained its grandeur to us, and we were glad to have an opportunity to at least see it. Lake Powell is really the Colorado River, which they have swollen to a reservoir with dam works.  Since it is a river basin, the lake zig-zags across a canyon landscape.  The water color is mesmerizing and exploring the labyrinth of canyons would be a real adventure.   We stopped at the dam visitor center to take the below photo.  Houseboating is popular here, which is a great way to enjoy the canyons by water.

This photo shows just above the dam…

Lake Powell, Utah

Mexican Hat

We crossed in to Arizona and back before reaching our campground at Mexican Hat.  The name sealed the deal for us.  Obviously, we had to stay there.  I think there were 5 rv spots, our smallest campground to date.  You can see the tiny town out on the open red rock…

Mexican Hat

And it is named for its interesting rock feature:  the inverted sombrero…


Our stay in Mexican Hat gave us quick access to Gooseneck State Park.  The “Goosenecks” refer to an area along the winding San Juan River where the water flows around gooseneck turns.  As I have previously mentioned, the National Parks in Utah are just a part of the story; its many state parks have so much to offer as well. (You can dry camp here as well, right on the rim!)

Gooseneck State Park, UtahGooseneck State Park, UtahWe enjoyed the sunset over the goosenecks…Sunset at Gooseneck State ParkAfter sunset, we spotted some mule deer on our return drive from the magical oasis in the desert; unlike their eastern whitetail counterparts; mule deer do not raise their tails when they are fleeing.  As the mule deer ran, bats began to find their prey in mid air acrobatics above them. The abundance of life was so surprising to us in the desert.  It has taught us not to underestimate an area.  Creation has plenty of surprises that wait to be discovered.  Maybe it is because we come from an area that is entirely different; but the desert quickly became so adventurous and yet fulfilling to us.  We began to love its blue-green underbrush and dusty red hues.    Gooseneck State Park, Utah with Mule Deer

Next up?  Monument Valley.

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