Sole: Salt Saturated Water for Better Health

We have been drinking sole off & on for several years now.  It is one of the simplest, most inexpensive practices I have used in my natural wellness journey that has had the most immediate benefits.  When I visited my integrative doctor for the first time two years ago, the only test of his that I passed was hydration.  I personally credit that to the fact that I was drinking sole every morning at the time.  Many of you have watched us drink it as part of our morning routine on our Youtube channel.  You have had so many questions about it, and I am addressing those today in the hopes that you will see the benefits and be ready to try it yourself!


What is it? 

Sole (pronounced solay, but we say soul because we aren’t so particular) is water that has become completely saturated with salt to the point that it can dissolve no more.  Combining the two in this way ionizes the minerals in salt.  Minerals are essential to proper functioning in the human body, and so many of us are mineral deficient. Let’s take a little more technical look at the process that makes sole…

“When water combines with salt the positive ions of sodium surround the negative ions of the water molecules and the negative ions of chloride surround the positive ions of the water molecules. The other 82 mineral elements found in the salt also ionize and split into other complex ionized compounds.” (source)

We like to think of it as a vortex of goodness.  

What does sole do?  

  1. Detoxifies the body and balances pH levels.
  2. Improves hydration by providing the necessary trace minerals.
  3. Aids in balancing blood sugar (which helps energy).
  4. Supports hormonal balance.
  5. Assists in balancing blood pressure.
  6. Works as an antihistamine in the body.  (source)

What have studies shown?

“The results of the study, presented in the book, Water & Salt – The Essence of Life by Dr. Barbara Hendel, M.D. and biophysicist Peter Ferreira, confirmed significant positive changes in respiratory, circulatory, organ, connective tissue and nervous system functions. Patients also reported increases in quality of sleep, energy and concentration levels, brain activity, weight loss, enhanced consciousness, and noticeable hair and nail growth.”  (source

Sound good to you?  It certainly does to us!

How do you make sole?

Quick Tip:  Prepare it in the evening, so it will be ready the next morning

  • Step 1.  Take a clean, glass jar and fill it about 1 – 2 inches high with “good” salt (more on good below).
  • Step 2.  Add filtered water to within 1 inch of the top of the jar and add a plastic lid.
  • Step 3.  Shake to dissolve the salt.  Remember, you want the salt to saturate the water.  This means that there has to be salt left in the bottom of the jar that does not dissolve.  If all of your salt dissolves, simple add more salt and shake again until you end up with salt left in the bottom. 
  • Step 4.  Allow the sole to sit overnight to dissolve completely.

How do you drink sole?  

When you wake up in the morning, add 1 teaspoon sole (with a non-metal utensil) to a glass of room temperature water (8 ounces).  Drink as soon as you get up prior to eating or drinking anything else.  I then continue with other parts of my morning routine to allow about 20 minutes before breakfast.  Drink it daily for the best results. 

Important Tips:

  1. Do not allow metal to touch your sole.  Not a huge deal for a quick moment, but salt is corrosive to metal, so you do not want to have a metal lid in constant contact with your sole.  Best advice, just don’t let it touch metal. 
  2. Reuse friendly. When you reach the end of the sole and just have salt left, you can just add salt and water to make more indefinitely.  No need to rinse out the jar, just add more to what is there.  The concentration of salt in sole is high enough to preserve it indefinitely. 
  3. You MUST use a “good” salt to make sole to receive the benefits. The reason salt has gotten such a bad reputation is because most of the salt that is consumed is table salt, or salt processed to the point of stripping it of its minerals.  DO NOT USE TABLE SALT!  I have two options for you that are good to use…

“Good Salt”

Now that you have all the facts, try Sole for yourself today!



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6 comments on “Sole: Salt Saturated Water for Better Health

  1. I’m sure I missed the amount of ounces of the jar and how much to drink daily? Please tell me again. Thanks maggie

    • Hi, Maggie! You can make it in any size jar – I use a standard jelly jar. The key here is to make sure that the water is saturated by the salt, by making sure that there is undissolved salt in the bottom of the jar even after you have shaked the jar. When you wake up in the morning, add 1 teaspoon sole (with a non-metal utensil) to a glass of room temperature water (8 ounces). Drink as soon as you get up prior to eating or drinking anything else. I then continue with other parts of my morning routine to allow about 20 minutes before breakfast. Drink it daily for the best results.

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