And now we come to it.  The star of the bluffs.  Feast your eyes…




Mitchell Pass, which you can see at the center of the bluffs, is where the Oregon Trail ran after 1851.  Prior to that time, the trail ran a little father South through Robideaux Pass until the US Army opened Mitchell Pass.  Now, you can drive through Mitchell Pass and see the bluffs as the overland travelers saw them.




You can also drive up the bluffs on a narrow road that clings to the side and uses tunnels to make the ascension to the top.  If you take a close look at the below photo, you can see the tunnels.  The road up was just as intimidating as Millenium Force, if you ask me.  There is also a visitor center and some hiking trails.  20150804_195729


Our campground was at the base of the bluffs, and Aunt Glady had a great view:



We drove each night to watch the sunset on the bluffs.  We really felt drawn to the bluffs.  Although they are fixed, they felt like fellow travelers to us.  Travelers in time rather than space.  They make an impression on all who pass through, and we are now added to that list.




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  1. Oh boy, just reading this & looking at the pictures makes my stomach drop! Don’t think this part is for me!

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