RV Workout: Exercises for the RVer!

This post is for the Ladies! Thanks for joining me for another Self Care Sunday!

Ladies, you talked me in to putting my workouts on video, and I wanted them to be as encouraging as possible. So, instead of just listing some of the exercises and showing you a demonstration; I decided to film the entire workout. My hope is that it will be more encouraging to actually do the workout with me, than to just see a video of tips???

I am not a personal trainer, and I certainly have a long way to go when it comes to workouts. But, I know that movement is a key to wellness, and it is a choice we need to continuously make each day. I don’t want to beat up on my body, so my workouts are not intense. Instead, I focus on building long, lean muscle; and I prefer to do it in a relaxing manner with a lot of stretching. If that sounds like something you could use in your daily life, then stick with me, reader.

Our bodies tend to get used to a workout, if we do the exact same thing all the time. So, I do believe it is important to work on increasing the weights or repetitions as you go. Also, switching out some of the exercises here and there will keep your body guessing.

I am giving you my three workouts: legs, arms and abs. I chose those three areas, because that made sense to me and my body responds well to it. But, feel free to make any changes that you want as you go. The main thing here is to use these videos as an inspiration…

to get you moving.

to workout each day.

to stay fit so you can explore this world.

to stretch your muscles and get your blood and lymph pumping in the morning.

to make you feel good.

So, get started tomorrow morning with the first video, and then continue the routine. Day 1 = Legs, Day 2 = Arms and Day 3 = Abs.

Start tomorrow. Don’t wait – there are always a million excuses to NOT do something. Make tomorrow morning the morning you choose to DO something. I will be right there with you! We can do this together and dream about how much easier it will be to hike in the National Parks when we get there! That’s right…those Sequoias aren’t going to find us – we need to find them!





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