It is finally time to take your RV and ┬áde-winterize, springify, or whatever you want to call it. RV Interior Spring Cleaning PRINTABLE CHECKLIST We are so close to hitting the road again in our RV, Aunt Glady, and it was time to give her a good Spring cleaning. In the process, we decided to create a RV Spring Cleaning Printable Checklist to share with you! Since we cleaned her well during the winterization process, Spring cleaning is mainly a full wipe down. There won’t be any real messes to clean (hopefully, unless you have a pest problem.) Let’s get cleaning…

What We Use for Spring Cleaning

You know I am not in to using toxic chemicals to clean anything, so I turned to my trusty Thieves All-purpose cleaner for the job. I put a capful in a bucket of warm water for wiping down the interior. In the kitchen and bathroom, I used a less diluted version (1 part cleaner : 30 parts water) to wipe out the appliances, cabinets, etc. If you like to use gloves, go for it! Otherwise, just grab your cleaner, bucket and some rags, and you are ready to get started!

Click here for our article on how to make your own all-purpose cleaner.

Our Spring Cleaning

It actually took less time than I thought to get Aunt Glady ready. We spent a few hours together one afternoon, and then I went back the next afternoon and finished in a few more hours by myself.


Now that you are ready to tackle the project, here is a printable checklist to help you (Click the blue link to download):

RV Interior Spring Cleaning ChecklistRV Spring Cleaning Checklist

Hopefully, our video has motivated you and you are ready to tackle your RV Spring Cleaning so that you can enjoy the camping season! Enjoy the checklist!

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