This page is all about Aunt Glady, our fifthwheel. She is a 2006 Keystone Copper Canyon Sprinter at 28 feet long and weighing in at 8800 pounds. Choosing an older model allowed us to pay for our RV upfront (no financing needed) and also do a complete RV remodel to make her exactly what we wanted. Prepare yourself for RV living by learning about our RV remodel & RV repairs!

Get Acquainted with Aunt Glady…

Aunt Glady was named because she feels like a loving Aunt who is old enough to have a more traditional name; but is still young at heart. She is as happy a camper as they come and is always up for an adventure. Take a tour and learn how we selected Aunt Glady from the bunch!

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RV Remodel

With three weeks and some elbow grease, we completely remodeled Aunt Glady before we hit the road. Check out our step-by-step RV remodel guide below, along with a review & install information for our RV washer/dryer.

rv remodel step by step guide     RV Washer-Dryer Combo

RV Repairs & Updates

Whether you decide to buy a new or used RV, you will definitely be facing repairs at some point. Chris always says that no house is really built to travel on the road. Add to that the less than preferred quality from RV manufacturers, and you have a situation that will call for RV repairs, sooner or later. Learn about the repairs we have faced and how we completed them. Plus, some updates that we did to Aunt Glady as we traveled.

flat tire in the desertrv delamination repair     Sewer Line Storage Idea


rv interior lighting


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