RV Living for Beginners

We started at ground zero, literally. We had zero experience in an RV when we set out, so we get what it is like to be a RVing beginner. As part of our transition to RV living, we had to learn about RV maintenance, how to renovate a RV, how to anticipate our needs on the road, how to make sure we could work from the road, and much more. May we suggest some information to help you explore the transition and basics of RV living for yourself? Let’s get started with RV living for beginners…

Preparation for RV Living:

Covering the topics you need to know before you start RV living including the following: budgeting, selecting an RV, cost of RV living and  downsizing.   

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Why RV?                     

How to Choose the Right RV for You (in 3 simple steps)

How we found aunt glady (our RV)

downsizing 101 guide

What do Campgrounds Cost?             

COST OF FULLTIME RVing (One Full Year) 

A Full Week of RVing (so you know what you are getting in to)

How to Budget for RVING (with actual budget worksheets)

The Basics of RV Living:

This portion contains all you need to know for life on the road. These are the basics that we had to learn quickly in our transition, such as how to set-up the RV, how to select and book campgrounds and how to plan RV trips.

rv living rv living rv living

How to Plan a RV Trip            

How to Book RV Campgrounds

How to tear-down & set-up at campgrounds (with free checklists)   

How to put your RV in short-term storage

What You Will Need to Know Down the Road:

Now that you have a hang of the basics, it is time to learn the more advanced topics so that you can be a real pro!

sewer line holder for rv, rv living how to use an rv cover, rv living steps to winterize a RV, rv living

RV Winterization Guide                     

RV Cover How To

rv emergency preparedness: how to weather a storm