Roadtrip Kansas

While there is so much to enjoy in the destinations, there is also a lot to enjoy in the getting there. The days on the road. The roadtrip.

Isn’t that a part of why we became RVers? Because we don’t just love the travel destinations, a part of us also loves the travel itself. We enjoy taking our time and appreciating the gradual changes along the way to a destination that tells its true story and prepare us for what is to come.

Today, I wanted to dedicate a little time and a tiny piece of the internet to the sights of the roadtrip. So that we may all be reminded of the fun we have had on our travel days, the time shared as a family and so that we may have some inspiration for planning another trip.

Roadtrip Kansas

Chris and I roadtripped through Kansas on I-70 from Kansas City in the East all the way to Goodland in the West. It was just over 400 miles, and it took us about 6 hours. Travelling from East to West, there was a headwind the entire way, and a very slight gain in elevation. Those are the trip stats, but now let’s take a look at the actual trip – snapshots of what it felt like and what we learned.

I love settling in to our big truck. I love sitting high and safe, and I like to get comfortable. That usually means that my shoes are off, water is close at hand and I have my work bag and laptop, so that I can write or edit videos as we go.

road trip truck

Chris loves to keep track of his trip stats, and as you can see below, our trip from PA has taken us over a thousand miles already. You can also see the headwind really dropped our mpg average.

trip mileage gmc sierra truck

I love the prairie. The expansive view reminds me just how small I am in this great big world.

roadtrip kansas

We stopped at a rest stop along the way. I find picnic tables to be one of the most welcoming and inviting sights in the world.

kansas rest stop on route 70

The rest stop had a historical map of the trails in Kansas, long before I-70 existed. How many have passed along these trails before us?

historical map of kansas

I traced the Osage trail to the hunting grounds with my finger, wondering if that was the trail that went past the Ingall’s homestead in Little House on the Prairie. They settled in that area, and the brave Osage Chief left an unforgettable image in Laura’s memory. The Ingalls have been on my mind, because we will be visiting their homestead in DeSmet, SD on this trip. I am travelling through Kansas like they did, although my covered wagon looks a little different. We are in Kansas now, but I will meet their story again in South Dakota soon. There is a web connecting time and space, and roadtripping helps us to experience it.

osage trail to hunting grounds historic kansas map

While my mind meanders over the stories these historical trails tell, I also pause to stretch at the rest stop. You can just feel the dry Kansas weather in this photo with that constant breeze licking up any moisture it finds.

stretching at a rest stop

Time to hop back in the truck and continue on our journey.

fifthwheel rv roadtrip

kansas farm

We get closer to our destination, chatting about the farms and sights that we see along the way. I take advantage of our benchseat and cozy up to Chris, as we soak in the biggest sky in the world.

USA roadtrip rv


And after a long beautiful day on the road, we set up at our campground, and get to enjoy a Kansas sunset. Not bad for a day’s work.

kansas sunset

I love roadtrips. And I am so grateful that the middle part of our country makes it easy to enjoy them.

The open, mostly flat roads. The sweeping sky. The dry weather with unending sun. And the beauty that surrounds.

Add a comfortable truck, a bench seat where I can get close to Chris and a Kansas sunset? Well, that is my kind of roadtrip.

What are your favorite roadtripping days like?


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  1. We love both of you 2. We have a Fleetwood revolution 40 foot catapilor 400 diesel and just love it. I motorhome was previously owned by James hinchcliffe the indy driver number 5 who was on dancing with the stars last year. We also was able to see his new motorhome from Honda from the fleetwod factory. His racing team maintained the motorhome we bought. It looks like brand new but we had a 5th wheel and still do trying to sell which if you all know of anyone that would like a like new 5th we will be glad to sell to them. List on the 5th wheel was $65,000 and we would like to get $25,000 out of it. Keep up the great videos.

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