Couldn’t we all use a better night’s sleep? It is so foundational to our overall wellness, as it is when we are at rest that our body is able to do the important necessary repairs and detoxification processes.  While sleeping seems like something simple to do, it can prove difficult at times to get a good night’s rest. For today’s Self Care Sunday, we have a quick, free way for you to make a change in how you prepare your body for a good night’s sleep.reduce blue light for a better night's sleep

I am not an insomniac, and I generally do not have trouble sleeping. But, every once in a while, I just can’t seem to turn my brain off at night, making falling and staying asleep more difficult. Time and time again, I have found that for me, this is mainly due to the fact that I am working too late. If I am video editing or working on the blog at night, boy do I suffer the consequences. For me, the blue light of the screen definitely keeps my brain working and awake. I can even completely finish a task, but my mind won’t settle for the night. For the most part, I try to cut myself off from the computer after 7:00 pm, allowing my mind and body plenty of time to settle in to night time before my actual bed time. Chris and I also agree on not having a TV in the bedroom, and we both read before bed (actual books, not ebooks). However, there are some times when work is just unavoidable in the later evening hours, so I took a step to help my body better make the adjustment from blue light to no light, which helps me to fall asleep much easier.

How can you reduce blue light at night?

There are a lot of different ways, including wearing certain glasses meant to reduce blue light at night; but we are going to take a simpler, free approach. Allow me to introduce you to “f.lux”...a free download that automatically reduces the blue light from your computer screen according to the sunset time of your locale. I love it because I don’t have to turn anything on, or even think about it, it just automatically, gradually dims the blue light for me. I also love that as an RVer, I can easily change the settings as we cross time zones simply by typing in the zip code where I am staying. It is simple, and it is free, so why not give it a try?

How can you install and use f.lux?

  1. Go to
  2. Click “Download f.lux”
  3. Read & accept the agreement (f.lux is free)
  4. Once downloaded (you may have to click on the download to open it, a f.lux box will open.
  5. Click on “Settings” to set-up your f.lux. Follow the steps: #1 adjust your lighting for day and night if you want (f.lux has default settings that are good). #2  Set your location by clicking, “Change” and then entering your zip code. #3 You can also adjust the speed of transition if you like, or leave it on the default.  Click “Done” when finished. You can go back and change these settings at any time.
  6. You will probably have to restart your computer at this point.

That is it! f.lux is installed! You will now have the f.lux icon (which is a circle, half blue, half peach) in your task bar. You can click on it at any time to change your settings (which includes the zip code).

Now, just wait until sunset, and watch how your screen changes! Now, if it’s not your computer giving you problems at night, it is your phone instead, right? f.lux has options for your phone, too, just check out their website.

Got more questions about f.lux? Check out their FAQs page.

What have I noticed using f.lux?

Since becoming RVers, Chris and I have both noticed a big change in our response to light and our circadian rhythms. In our RV, we are much more exposed to sunlight, like we have never been before in a house. Also, we notice big changes as we frequently move and cross time zones. It has really been fascinating to see how our bodies have responded. The energy harnessed in the circadian rhythm is fascinating, and another miracle in how we were created. Using f.lux has definitely helped me to be able to use my computer late at night, and avoid that non-stop mind. It worked so well for me, that I stopped thinking about it and had forgotten to notice the difference. Until, recently, when I had my computer completely wiped clean. When I got it back, I loaded all of my items back on to it. After a few weeks, I noticed trouble with the non-stop mind again and not being able to fall asleep. Sure enough, I had totally forgotten to add f.lux back on my computer! Using it for so long, I had forgotten to appreciate it; then, when I went without it, I noticed a BIG difference. So, I quickly loaded it back up, and made a note to share it with all of you!  May it help you to reduce the blue light at night and prepare your body for a better night’s rest!

Don’t forget to try the epsom salt foot baths too!


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  1. This sounds interesting, I’ll give it a try and see how it works for me.



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