RAINDROP TECHNIQUE: How I grew a half inch this week!

Welcome to another Self-Care Sunday! raindrop technique with essential oilsI had a new wellness experience this week that I am excited to share with you. I experienced my very first Raindrop Technique®, and the results were splendid. We measured my height before and after and found that I grew a half inch due to the raindrop. During the raindrop, I felt warm waves of comfort throughout my body. Afterwards, I had a calm sense of contentment and happiness that lasted for several days.  Plus, my entire body was pain-free! That is practically a miracle for me, so I was very pleased and knew I wanted to share it with you.

What is Raindrop?

Raindrop is a technique designed by Gary Young, the founder of Young Living. Several decades ago, he was on a mission to learn the wellness secrets from people in other cultures around the world. He actively sought out cultures where people were living long and healthy lives and then worked with them to discover the secrets to their success. As a part of that mission, he was a pioneer in bringing essential oils to the United States by establishing proprietary distilling processes, and founding Young Living, which is the world leader in essential oils.

As a part of his discoveries, he spent time with the Lakota Indian Nation of South Dakota during the 1980s. There he learned about their ancestral practices of healing and the feathered finger stroking technique that is associated with their practices. He took what he learned, applied it to his knowledge of essential oils and created the Raindrop Technique®. (Young, 2006, p. 207)

In laymen’s terms, it is the application of specific essential oils on the feet and spine combined with massage-like techniques. It is a specific protocol to enhance the effects of the powerful oils and bring about balance in the body.

What was my appointment like?

I started out with a ZYTO scan, which is a biosurvey of your body’s galvanic skin response. That information is inputted in to a computer software program that completes an analysis and forms a report for you that can help you to make decisions about your wellness. By having a ZYTO scan first, we were able to incorporate what we learned in to my raindrop by tailoring some of the essential oils to my body. This is not a necessary part of a raindrop, but I was curious to see my results, and they turned out to be spot on!

After the scan, the process was very similar to a massage. I laid on a massage table; I had the option of relaxing music, which I opted for; and the protocol began. It started with the application of oils on the Vita Flex points on my feet, and then continued with the application of oils along with various techniques on my spine. At the end, I received a warm compress on my spine. We also did a pre- and post-interview so that I could evaluate how my body felt physically and emotionally. The aroma of the oils and the specific protocol and techniques used were so comforting for me. I could literally feel waves of comfort throughout my body. I also felt extreme contentment and happiness, not excitable giddiness, but sustained pleasant happiness during and after the raindrop. As I mentioned earlier, I was also completely pain-free following the raindrop. I have had professional massages on multiple occasions, and have even visited spas; but nothing I have experienced has had the ability to affect my entire body or had lasting results like the raindrop. I felt great for days.

How do you get a Raindrop?

Look for a certified raindrop provider in your area. I would only choose someone who uses Young Living oils, since that is what the technique was created for and those are the only oils that adhere to the Seed-to-Seal® promise of purity. Raindrop is powerful stuff that needs to be taken very seriously. I would not trust my care to someone who is not certified or not using the oils the technique was developed for.

If you live in or are travelling through the central Pennsylvania area, then go see my friend, Chrissy Kihm. You can learn more about Raindrop and schedule an appointment with her at her website Frankincense 4 Ever.

Hope you learned something new today and may you be blessed with wellness this week!

Young, D. G., & Lawrence, R. M. (2006). Essential oils integrative medical guide: building immunity, increasing longevity, and enhancing mental performance with therapeutic-grade essential oils. Salem: Essential Science Publishing.


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