The Original RV Planner 2018


The 2019 Edition is now available! CLICK HERE!



The 2019 Edition is Now Available! CLICK HERE!

This is The Original Planner for RVers 2018 edition!!! It is a RV Calendar and Planner that is 100% designed by us to be a tool for planning your travels and the perfect keepsake for remembering your journeys! It has all of the features of a monthly calendar with many bonus features specific to RVing. This is the second year for the planner, and we made sure to add some new features to make it even more functional like our Be Wise! Budgeting, Dream Big! Goal Planning and our favorite part, the Have Fun! Sticker Sheet! We also upgraded the interior pocket and included even more RVer checklists!

See our RV calendar and planner in action! Our RV Planner Video!

A little about the quality of this RV calendar and planner…

  • Gloss-laminated, cardstock front and back cover that are waterproof. The covers are sturdy, yet flexible and can be wiped clean with a damp cloth.
  • High quality, 100 pound Super Smooth Print interior paper.
  • The same 8.5″ x 11″ large design for easy reading and plenty of space to fill in what is important.
  • Spiral binding for a lay-flat design.
  • New! Upgraded interior pocket on the back cover for campground info., brochures, etc.

The exact contents of this RV calendar and planner…

  • Front Cover for Adventurers – we loved our design theme so much that we tweaked it a little and changed the colors.
  • Title Page with Copyright.
  • NEW! Letter from us.
  • NEW! Important Information Log (Road Side Assistance, Info. For Booking Campsites, etc.) – your most important information in one spot.
  • U.S. Map to track your travels for the year & Friends from the Road Contact Log.
  • NEW! Be Wise! Estimated Monthly Budget Worksheet to keep you on budget and maximize your travels.
  • Two Page Spread for each month that incorporates: NEW! Dream Big! Goal Planning, Road Stats, Maintenance Checklist & Be Wise! Actual Monthly Budget Form & Inspirational Quotes to keep the adventure going!
  • Trip Itineraries so you can budget & plan trips with ease.
  • NEW! Chris & Jen’s Set Up & Tear Down Checklists so that you can see a model of setting up and tearing down at a campground.
  • NEW! Your Set Up & Tear Down Checklists so that you can use our model and create your own checklist.
  • Short-Term Storage Checklist.
  • Long-Term Storage Checklist.
  • NEW! Spring Cleaning Checklist.
  • Important Dates & Holidays.
  • Dream Big! Plans for Next Year, which will of course include big travel plans!
  • Notes (3 pages).
  • NEW! Have Fun! Sticker sheet!!! To help keep you organized while adding some fun to the planner!
  • Back Cover with NEW! Upgraded Interior Pocket

This item ships within the United States. Please contact us at if you are interested in shipping outside of the U.S.

Allow 1-3 days for processing and 2-5 days for shipping within the United States.

The story behind the RV calendar and planner…

The idea for this RV planner came to me spontaneously last year. It was Fall, and I realized that I would need a new planner soon, but I did not want to get rid of that year’s calendar, because it was the only record I had of every campground we had stayed in during our first year as fulltime RVers. We were travelling fast that year and were moving to a new campground about every 4 days. We had covered a lot of ground, and we had written the names of each campground and their location in my calendar as we booked each one. Looking back through the campground names and places brought back so many memories, and I could not bear to throw it away.

So, I decided to keep it, but I wanted a better option for the future. One that would be a better keepsake, but also one that would cater to our needs as fulltime RVers.

I started searching, but to my amazement, I could find nothing! I could not find a single RV calendar and planner.

My very next thought was…fine, I can make one myself then.

I started making my plans, determining what I wanted to include and how I wanted it to look. On our travel days, I took a notebook with me in the truck and jotted down ideas for the RV calendar. I made sketches and lists of everything I wanted in an RV planner. I knew I wanted it to function as an organizational tool that would keep the important information we needed on the road at our fingertips. I also wanted it to be functional and to help me with RV checklists. It was also important that it would be durable enough to handle life on the road, but also have an artistic design so that I would enjoy seeing it each day.

As I spent more time on it, I realized that if I wanted a RV calendar and planner, then other RVers probably did too! I broadened what I wanted to include to accommodate fulltime and part-time RVing, so that any RVer could use it. I also wanted it to a great option for those looking for a gift for RVers, something unique and meaningful to show them that you are excited about their travels.

I designed The Original Planner for RVers from scratch. Then, I worked with a Pennsylvania printer to have the work printed. I knew I wanted this RV calendar and planner to be Made in the USA.

And that is how The Original Planner for RVers came to be. It started with my own desire to stay organized in our travels and have a keepsake to remind us of all the wonderful places we have been.

My goal for our RV calendar and planner…

And now, I offer this RV calendar and planner to serve that same purpose for you! I hope it helps to keep you on budget so that you can travel more. I hope it organizes your important information like road side assistance, maintenance and more so that you can keep your RV on the road and have what you need in the event of an emergency. I hope that each month’s quotes inspire you to be courageous and explore this world. I hope that our new Dream Big! features aid you in setting goals and accomplishing them. I hope that our many RV living checklists make you feel confident in the RV lifestyle. I hope that our new Have Fun! Sticker Sheet assists you in organizing your life while also focusing on adding some extra camping fun too it. I hope this planner becomes a heartwarming keepsake for many years to come.

And, most of all, I hope The Original Planner for RVers is your companion as you wander freely in 2018.

And, yes, I plan to design this RV calendar and planner each year and make it available to RVers everywhere!


Additional information

Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 8.5 × 11 × .5 in


  1. Nancy Hill

    I ordered your 2017 planner and have been using it on our 3 month Western states trip that we finish in a week. It’s been very helpful in keeping everything straight. Love that you added the “Important Information Log,” for 2018, as I had hand written that info on the front inside cover of the 2017. The other new features look great, I’m ordering the 2018 planner now and look forward to using it to plan our family’s next adventure. Thanks so much Chris & Jen for putting out such a unique and awesome resource!

    • Jen

      Hi, Nancy! Thanks so much for the feedback! It was so kind of you to take the time and let us know how you are using your planner! So glad to hear it has been helpful with your trip! I love going West – it just feels like the quintessential roadtrip to me! Safe & wonderful travels to you!

  2. Tami

    This will definitely be something I am going to buy and use before I hit the road full-time in Sept of 2018! I am big on budgeting and organizing and making lists and this is perfect for me. Looks great and what a briliant idea!

    • Jen

      Hi, Tami! Thanks so much! Chris and I are both really organization people (engineer & teacher/librarian)! 🙂

  3. Cindy Shultz

    Hi Chris & Jen,
    My husband and I are following you on Utube and love your channel!! Always look forward to your next one! We are retiring Feb 28th, 2018 and plan on getting on the road with our 2003 Montana 5th wheel and 2001 Dodge Ram 2500 Diesel. We are excited about traveling (we will both be 65 before March 1st). I am ordering your calendar, it looks awesome and so looking forward to using it. (I am an organizer!!) Bless you both and keep those videos coming!! John & Cindy Shultz

    • Jen

      Hi, Cindy! It is so nice to “meet” you! A huge congratulations on the upcoming retirement – that will be here before you know it! Thanks for reaching out, it means so much to us! And thanks for the encouragement! -Jen

  4. Priska

    Hi Jen! How early do you produce the next year’s planner? I want to order the 2019 one as soon as it’s available!

    • Jen

      Hi, Priska! Thanks for reaching out to us! I am hoping to have the 2019 version ready by the end of September. Keep in touch!

  5. Nancy

    Hi Jen. Are you going to be releasing the 2019 planner soon? We are going full-time in October and I want to track our adventure from the very beginning

    • Jen

      Hi, Nancy! Congratulations! That is so exciting! The 2019 version should be out by the end of September. Best wishes in your upcoming travels!

  6. Ann

    Hi Jen,
    My husband and I found you first on Youtube. I am looking forward to the 2019 planner. We will be going full time soon and am excited to get organized before we start our adventure. Thank you for doing the hard work for us.

    • Jen

      Hi, Ann! Congratulations on your upcoming plans! That is so exciting! Our 2019 planner is at the printers right now, and I am hoping to have up for sale in September. Thanks for stopping by!

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