Oregon’s Coast: Florence

Crater Lake was just the beginning of what Oregon was prepared to share with us.  From Crater Lake we headed to Florence just below mid-way along Oregon’s coast.  Florence turned out to be our favorite town in Oregon as roadtrippers.  It was small enough to be quaint and have a neighborly feel, but it was large enough to have lots of points of interest.  We stayed in Florence for about a week and it was sunny, but pretty windy the entire time.

Shall we begin with the town itself?  We found Florence to be a mix of Pennsylvania woods and rivers and a New England fishing hamlet untouched by extreme money.  The Oregonian flare was added with local massive sand dunes and tidepools to explore, seals in the water, locally produced or wild harvested/foraged restaurant options and of course the Pacific Ocean.  Florence has an area called Old Town, where there is a small marina and several streets brimming with pink filled hanging baskets in front of shops, restaurants and even a historical museum.  So adorable, it would win even the biggest cynic’s heart.Old Village. Florence, OR

Here is a shot of the countryside a little farther inland.  I absolutely have seen the same scene in Pennsylvania.  This is the first place we have felt the pangs of our home state.  Pennsylvania in the summertime, similar to inland Oregon, is an abundant place to be.River in Oregon

And the marina in Florence…

Marina at Florence, OR

And our lunch at Homegrown (locally caught fish tacos with kimchi, habanero cream and cilantro & fries with Red Duck ketchup & Chris had a delicious bowl of northwest chowder)…Lunch at Homegrown. Florence, OR

While we enjoyed the town of Florence, we were also grateful to be back by the Pacific Ocean.  The beach experience here takes a little getting used to, as the weather is generally cooler and very windy (in the afternoon), making it difficult to spend much time on the sand.  However, we found places to sit tucked in to small sand dunes to allow us a reprieve from the wind.  Most people were out for a walk on the beach allowing their dog to run and play, or flying kites – activities much more suited to Oregon’s cool Coast.Heceta Beach. Florence, OR

We also traveled along the coast a bit to nearby Heceta lighthouse…Heceta Lighthouse

…and the Sea Lion Caves.  This is a family run business where visitors take an elevator down in to the coastal cave where sea lions are constantly in abode.  It is a family run business, so it is a great opportunity to see something unique while supporting a small business.Sea Lion Caves. Florence, OR Sea Lions near Florence, OR

I am writing this post after we have crossed in to Washington, and looking back on our time in Oregon, Chris and I agree that Florence was our favorite spot.  We have not seen the entire coast there, but the friendly people, Old Town and access to the beach was perfectly relaxing and enjoyable.  We could have easily spent a month there.

We didn’t just take relaxing strolls the entire time, our two big adventures in the Florence area are yet to come:  sandboarding and tidepooling!


We stayed in Pacific Pines RV Resort.  It was very quiet despite being packed.  It had been awhile since we had a concrete pad, and we were pretty grateful for it!Pacific Pines RV Resort Florence, OR

Fun Facts & Tips:

  • We did not get a chance to take our kayak out, but there were lakes and the river to enjoy.
  • Heceta Lighthouse sits in a state park which you can visit.  There is a state day-use fee.
  • We happened to be in Florence for the 4th of July.  They had fireworks over the river and an air show.

Air Show Florence, OR

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4 comments on “Oregon’s Coast: Florence

  1. I love your website and videos, they give me a glimpse of what we may also be able to experience. My wife and I plan to embark upon our full time rv travel in October after her retirement. We will set out from the midwest heading first to Sarasota, Florida where we plan to stay for a month. We also plan stays in Arizona and later California. Our kids are grown and dispersed far and wide!
    – – Don & Cathy

    • Hello, there! Glad to hear you are so close to being able to hit the road! We love the Sarasota area – our favorite spot is Anna Maria Island, my family has been going there for several generations now. Thanks for stopping by and best wishes in your upcoming travels!

  2. Nice Blog AND great videos! I just found your vlog on YouTube, your video on 7 categoies of campgrounds. Very true. We also Passport America and save a lot on smaller less used campgrounds. Our favorite saving stays are through Harvest Hosts, farms, Vineyard, museums, etc. You stay for free and see and meet really neat people. In the Pacific NW there are many berry farms which are great to stay at now for the blueberries. Generally it just for a night or two but so far really fuel. Just arrive with full water and empty holding tanks, totally no hook ups.

    Boondocking in the west is fun with all the BLM lands. Cell service can be a limit but most places have cell reception within a short drive.

    We camp in a motorhome, I could never learn to backup the Fifth Wheel or travel trailers, for us the motorhome is just easy. We disconnect the Jeep, park the motorhome and go.

    Nice writeups, nice videos and thanks for sharing your adventure.

    • Thanks for the encouragement, and the info.! Trust me, if we depended on me having to hook-up the fifth-wheel, we would be in trouble! So glad to hear you are enjoying your motorhome, and thanks for stopping by! -Jen

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