One Year Anniversary! (July 2016)

In July 2016, we celebrated our one year anniversary of life on the road.  When we set out, we had zero experience in an RV and were hoping to make it three months, but it has turned in to a whole year and more!  Our lives have completely changed over the past year, and I like to think that we have grown and matured as individuals as well.  Afterall, don’t we learn through new experiences?  How could we remain unchanged?  Our travels have given us patience, the blessing of dependence on others in times of need, a courage to face the unknown unlike we have previously experienced, the perspective of varied cultures and areas on American soil, a new balance for work in our lives, a truer appreciation of inter-generational relationships, the special marital joy that comes from sharing a daily purpose and not having to part ways each day, the ability to enjoy time spent with people who have different values and beliefs than ours, a complete release from the false pretense of control,  and a new sense of time allowing us to live in the moment appreciating each experience and step that we take.

As we continue to acquire so many memories to look back on and experience places we never thought we would have the opportunity to visit, it is truly the lessons that we have learned, the challenges we have overcome, and the new strengths that we see and encourage in each other that are our true takeaways from the past year.

We hope that you, reader, have shared in our lessons.  While we can not transmit you through our blog to where we are, we hope we have been able to share our experiences with you in a way that they feel personal to you.  We hope you have seen the national parks we visited through reverent eyes.  We hope you have felt our fear when we were stranded with a blowout in the desert, and our equal relief when we met the man with the exact tools and materials to help us.  We hope you were stretched in new ways as we were doing mission work at the Mexican border.  We hope you have experienced the joy we felt in kayaking with the seals, sea otters and sea lions in Monterey Bay.  We hope you have been pleased seeing Aunt Glady happily parked at campgrounds all over America.  We hope that you have been overwhelmed by the spirit of adventure in the West and the enduring perseverance of the frontiersman and homesteaders of almost two centuries ago.  And if you have seen even the tiniest flicker of interest in American history for yourself, I consider my work complete.

As we start our second year on the road, it is overwhelmingly evident that we have just scratched the surface of what America has to offer for those who are looking.  We have so many other places to see, people to meet and experiences to have.  We press onward, hoping that you continue to join with us for the lessons to be gained and the path ahead that lays open beckoning us to explore, to enjoy and to share.

Taking a look back at our first year…

Statistics (miles covered, national parks visited, # of campgrounds, # of states, etc.)

Campgrounds (our favorites & what to expect) 

Transitions (covering the transitions we faced in fulltime RVing)



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