On our way to Arches National Park (September)

Thank you for bearing with me as I get caught up on some old posts that we did not have time to complete when we were in the area.  When you are on the road, you have to be flexible. Sometimes we are just seeing so many things in a short time period, and I need some time to do justice to the area in the posts.  This is what happened while we were in Utah in September 2015.  We loved every day, every park we visited, every sight we saw; and I was able to post a lot, but I ran out of time to write about Arches and Canyonlands National Parks.  Please allow me to backtrack for a few posts, and we will immerse ourselves in the desert landscape again (and maybe that will take your mind off of the winter ambient for a bit).

We had Utah in our sights in order to explore the Mighty Five – Utah’s top national parks.  By this time, we had already fell in love with Zion NP, had a very brief jaunt to Bryce NP and nearby Red Canyon, we took a day to drop in to Arizona for the Grand Canyon’s North Rim, towed Aunt Glady across southern Utah to visit Monument Valley on the Navajo Reservation, enjoyed the redrocks and Goosenecks State Park near Mexican Hat, sought after the puebloans and their mysteries in Blanding, and finally made the trip up to Moab to hit two more national parks:  Arches & Canyonlands.  Here is a map of southern Utah showing our route from Zion in the west, across and then north to Moab in eastern Utah.

Map Southern Utah

In leaving southern Utah and Blanding, we were leaving the darker hues of red rock behind. From Blanding to Moab, the intense crimsons and burgundys of southern Utah began to pale in to salmons, corals, and even apricots.  Our drive was facilitated by a day that Utah so typically provides:  perfectly clear blue sky with a smattering of whispy white clouds.  Route 191. Utah

Driving through southern Utah was one of our favorite places for towing.  It is relatively flat, and that beautiful blue sky just doesn’t quit.  Although hot in the summer, the air is so dry, perfect for rving. As you drive along, some famous landmarks come in to view, such as Church Rock…Church Rock. Utah

And as you approach closer to Moab, the beautiful La Sal Mountain range leans over the horizon…La Sal Mountains. Utah

And then you enter Moab, a small town with western-style storefronts, but don’t let the small size fool you, this area is a mecca for outdoor adventurers.  Whether hiking or mountain biking in Arches, 4-wheeling in Canyonlands, white water rafting the Colorado River, or skiing the La Sal Mountains; Moab is perfectly located in the middle of it all!  The downtown highlights adventure outfitters and multiple healthy eating choices.  It is no wonder that Red Bull Rampage has chosen Moab for its daredevil mountain biking in the past.  This place screams outdoor adventure like no other!  Moab, Utah

We stayed just outside of Arches National Park at Archview RV Resort.  There is a lot of BLM land in the area for free dry camping as well.  As you pass the entrance to the park, you will see rvs parked in several locations directly off the main road.  Archview Campground. Moab, Utah

Hope you enjoyed the drive, but the adventure is just getting started.  Up next, Arches National Park!

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