A few years ago, this was a game changer for me. This is going to sound completely counter-intuitive at first, but when I began using oil to clean my face, my skin finally began to balance itself, show a more youthful glow, and I received immediate compliments from those around me.

Dietary Changes for Better Skin

So many of the physical problems we face begin with our gut. Research is finally being done to show the connection, and items like probiotics have made it in to the mainstream. The links between your gut health and digestion, and its impact on your skin have been made. For long-term better skin, I firmly believe that dietary changes are a must. You can check out my anti-inflammatory diet here.

That being said, there is a great way to support your skin that is simple and will give you quick results like me.

It is the Oil Cleansing Method, and here is how to do it:

  1. Take about a quarter size amount of oil in your hand.
  2. Slowly apply it to your face by gently rubbing it on in circles. (Avoid eyes and eye lids.)
  3. Take a wash cloth and saturate it with very warm water, then ring the water out. (You want it to be warm, not hot.)
  4. Place the wash cloth to your face and press down on the edges to seal the steam in.
  5. Allow the wash cloth to lay on your face until it has cooled to room temperature.
  6. Remove wash cloth and wipe face to remove excess oil.
  7. Rinse wash cloth under warm water and re-apply to face, sealing in the steam again.
  8. Allow the wash cloth to lay on your face until it has cooled to room temperature. (You can repeat a third time if you like.)
  9. Rinse wash cloth in hot water and allow to dry for the next use.

Pretty simple, right? I will warn you that the first few times you do it, rubbing oil on your face will feel gross, because we are constantly bombarded with the idea that oils are bad. That is simply untrue. Our skin needs oil to protect itself. By using harsh soaps on our skin, we are stripping it of its natural oils, which makes the skin work overtime to produce excess oil, and it is a vicious cycle. Instead, oil cleansing uses oil and steam to cleanse and draw out the impurities in our skin while also nourishing it with the oil it needs. Put up with the initial gross feeling, it will get easier.

After oil cleansing, you will notice a very fine layer of oil on your skin, which is just what it needs to protect itself and stay moisturized. If you are like Chris and me, you will also notice a healthy glow to your skin. (Yep, Chris is a convert on this part of my wellness journey too!)

Try oil cleansing in the morning for a few days and notice what it does for your skin. Most people oil cleanse once a day as part of their skin care regimen.

Which oil should you use?

There are a bunch to choose from, and you can do some easy searching to find out all of their benefits, but I like to keep it simple. I use sweet almond oil (hexane-free). I have dryer skin, and it works well for me. For a lighter version, I would try jojoba oil. I love jojoba oil, because it is very light feeling, but it is more expensive.

Check out my article on the best oils for moisturizing your skin.

Ready to give oil cleansing a try? Can’t wait to hear your results!


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