Well, people, we have officially landed on the moon.  One step for man…one giant leap for Aunt Glady. And yes, there is Gatorade on the moon, as you can see in the photo…


This place is almost as cool as the moon, but it is actually Toadstool Geologic Park, maybe a 30 min. drive from Chadron (near Crawford, NE).  The last part of the drive is dirt road, so be aware of that, if you make the trip.  Also, it is about 10 degrees hotter there, so bring fluids and wear sun tan lotion.  This shows you the entrance to the park, which does have restrooms and a few campsites.  We did not actually bring Aunt Glady with us, but you could feasibly tent camp there…



The trail through the park is, if I remember correctly, a little over a mile long.  It winds through these badlands, and you do get to do some climbing.  There is also a trail guide that explains some of the formations and fossils that have been found here.  20150810_160225






As you can see, these badlands crop up right off of open prairie and grassland…



Why the name toadstool??? From these formations…



Not what you expected in Nebraska???  Neither did we.  Close by is the Hudson-Meng bison dig site, which is the location of several hundred bison bones that were found. They now have a research center, and you can visit the site; but we did not.

However, we did stop at the Drifter Cook Shack for dinner.  This is authentic northwestern Nebraska cowboy culture, with its own painting of Clint Eastwood on the wall.  There is no air conditioning, and limited electric.  The owners have created a little western town, and you can stay in cabins or camp there.  We did not bring Aunt Glady, and the roads are all dirt, so bear that in mind.  The owner, who also is the cook, sat and talked with us during our meal about cougars, owls and everything else western Nebraska.  If you want to enjoy one of their steak dinners, call ahead.  We were there too early, so we missed the dinner menu.  Also, they only take cash and personal check.  We had NONE on us, so they sent us with a bill, and we mailed the payment to them the next day – talk about hospitality!  Here is their property and the cook shack…








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