Monterey, California: Kayaking in the Bay!

After a quick first experience of the coast in Santa Barbara, and then time spent in Hollywood, Sequoia NP, Kings Canyon NP and Yosemite NP; we were ready to head back to the Pacific to spend more time experiencing its beauty.  We picked Monterey, and I don’t think we could have chosen a better place for experiencing the water.  I have mentioned before that my favorite show as a kid was Wild America with Marty Stouffer.  I owe a lot of my knowledge of wildlife and inspiration for exploration to Marty and my Dad.  Now, as we travel along, I long for the places where I can experience the things that stirred my imagination as a kid.  So, it is easy to imagine my excitement when our eyes first beheld Monterey Bay. Monterey, CA

The town of Monterey sits at the southern end of Monterey Bay, a part of the National Marine Sanctuary.  The abundance of marine life was evident from our first visit to the water.  The water was so pristine and clear, the harbor seals were sunning themselves on the rocks, and we realized that we had finally made it to the place on the Pacific coast we were hoping for.

A harbor seal…Harbor Seal. Monterey, CA

A sea otter (I have dreamt of seeing one my whole life with no expectation of it actually happening)…Sea otter. Monterey, CA

We walked along the wharf to see the sea lions…sea lions. Monterey, CA

Chris is obsessed with waves and has read about tsunamis all over the world, including ones that hit California.  It is amazing how so many of the interests we have had are coming to a deeper point of exploration and appreciation as we road trip throughout America.Tsunami Sign. Monterey, CA

As we walked around the bay, we noticed a bunch of kayakers in the water on rented kayaks.  How great would it be to paddle around with the seals, sea lions and sea otters???  Wait a minute!  We have an inflatable kayak!  We checked online, and did not see anything about not being allowed on the water in a personal kayak, so we planned our adventure for the next day.  This video is for my Dad, who had my sisters and I in a canoe since we were kids.  He was so eager to include Chris in the legacy as well, paddling the creeks and river of our homeland.  Who knew that one day we would trade the mink, kingfishers and snapping turtles for sea lions, pelicans and sea otters?  Thanks, Dad, for sharing your love for paddling.  We wish you were with us in Monterey, but here you can see the joy that we share…


Thank you for Monterey, Lord.  You have fed our dreams and delivered.

While staying in Monterey, we took a drive down the coast on Highway 1 and made several stops at some scenic overlooks and points of interest…Highway 1 California Highway 1 California

Pebble Beach (you have to pay to drive on 17-mile drive – $10 per vehicle)…Pebble Beach, CA

Carmel, another very lovely town on the water…Carmel, CA

Fun Facts & Tips:

    • We stayed at the Monterey County Fairgrounds for $55/night.  Our spot was the worst spot we have ever stayed in.  It was on a severe slope, with our sewer line having to make the climb up hill – yep, it is as bad as it sounds.  Also, there was an airport nearby, and it sits directly beside a golf course, which they make sure to tell you after you have paid that they are not liable for any golf ball damage to your RV or vehicle.  On top of that, our spot had a stump in front of it, making it nearly impossible to maneuver around.  Other spots would have made for a better experience.  Monterey Cty Fairgrounds RV spot
    • I wanted to try abalone while we were there, but it was too expensive.  If you can splurge, I would try it!
    • Buying an inflatable kayak was the best decision we have made for optimizing our road trip across the country.  If Aunt Glady can’t take us there, then the kayak can!  Here is an affiliate link to the one we have:

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2 comments on “Monterey, California: Kayaking in the Bay!

  1. Awesome place, Monterey. I was just there in April. Moss landing is a must. Did some kayaking in Elk Slough at Moss landing. I agree with California being expensive, plus getting through traffic with a 5th wheel was a bear, ughhh! Thanks.

    • Glad to hear you were able to enjoy Monterey too! If we make it back to California again, we would spend our time in the Monterey Bay area. We just loved it. Thanks for stopping by!

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