Mardi Gras

One of the nice things about the large size of our country is that as you travel through it, you can experience events that are completely new to you.  Being on the gulf coast, this was our first time celebrating Mardi Gras.  There were multiple parades in Gulf Shores and the surrounding area over the past few days, and we finally caught our first Mardi Gras parade today in Orange Beach.  The high was only 53 here today, which is the coolest day we have had in February and it was also windy, so you can see that people are dressed warmly.  Here is a quick clip of what a Mardi Gras parade is like.  I gave most of our beads away to a kid, but we had a lot of fun catching them and being a part of the fun.

Around here, Mardi Gras is known to have originated in Mobile (not New Orleans).  We will stay out of that debate, but we were glad to have a little glimpse of the fun.  Just so you can understand the magnitude of Mardi Gras in this area, schools and businesses were closed today for Fat Tuesday.  Its pretty big.

Thank you to Alabama for showing us the fun of Mardi Gras!

Hope you enjoyed Fat Tuesday, or Fastnacht Day if you are in PA!

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  1. Looks like that Mardi Gras celebration is much more family oriented than the one in New Orleans. Glad you had fun and caught some beads.

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