Lessons Learned about December

It is funny how missing the traditions of Christmas for just one year has made such an impression on me.  You see, last year, we spent the majority of the winter in Destin, Florida in our RV. For Pennsylvania natives, that was quite a change. Instead of snow and cutting down our own tree, we had a boat parade and beach time. To replace mittens and gloves, we had a heated outdoor pool. Instead of driving through the communities with the best Christmas lights, we impolitely stared at people lighting pink flamingos. We traded pines for palms and heavy, Pennsylvania Dutch meals for Gulf shrimp and fresh grouper.


But these are all incidentals. There were more noteworthy items that were also a part of the trade. No time spent with our dear friends and family. No annual company Christmas party. No home church functions. No community projects to help those in need. No cookie exchange (for me to try to avoid since I am gluten-free). No real expectations, no plans and no busy schedule. It was terrible. Terrible enough, in fact, that we rented a car at the last minute and drove back to PA to surprise our families.

This year, we are in Pennsylvania, fully surrounded with family and friends. And despite our shivering, we are grateful to participate in what feels like Christmas time to us.

And yet, with the comparison so vibrant in my mind, I have also been stunned by the amount of hustle and bustle, shopping craze and joyless obligations that I can recognize with new eyes due to their absence from our lives last year. There is nothing quite like living in              sq. feet of space to bring home the idea of excess, which you could easily recognize in others, but maybe not so much in yourself? Fulltime RVing redefines “excess”. So, Chris and I are maintaining our focus and making choices to help us celebrate the season in meaningful ways. We truly do not want to go back to a to-do list life. We want to keep our in-the-moment RVing lifestyle. It is a struggle, my friend. But, we are focused on persevering…

…Chris is joyfully helping with Christmas lights (that man loves a good Christmas lighting). He has a jolly smile as he drinks his egg nog. I am happily contented working on homemade gifts for our loved ones and drinking nurturing tea to keep the colder weather at bay; and we have a select few special events planned to help us enjoy the season.

The first of which was to meet someone who had become a friend as a result of our YouTube channel. He loved our channel so much, that he kindly wrote, created and offered us our theme song. We have kept in touch, and we knew that when we got back to PA again, that we would visit him. To add to the enjoyment of meeting our new friends in person, he and his wife perform in Sonorous Trio, an acoustical trio that performs regularly in central PA. We gladly accepted the invitation to one of their shows, and we would like to share that evening with you. But, before I let you go, may I share with you our sincere hope for you this season?

Our hope is that you are able to maintain your focus, keep the cold weather at bay, remember what is meaningful in place of what is material, and prepare yourself to celebrate a birth that changed the world.

Without further adieu (well, a little more in the video intro.), I give you, Sonorous…

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I love travel, which led me to become a fulltime RVer. I love wellness, which I can talk about 'til the cows come home. I love being self-employed, which means I get to dabble in what interests me from essential oils to RV planners. But most importantly, I love my husband and our life together on the road!

4 comments on “Lessons Learned about December

  1. Hi! We received our planner today and we are excited! We would love to meet you one day. You are an inspiration to us! Paula & Eric, NC.

    • Thank you so much, Paula & Eric! You are so kind, and we would be glad to meet you too! We aren’t sure yet which direction we will be headed in the Spring, but if we are headed through NC; I will try to reach out (or if you see we are in your area as you follow along, please do let us know). Wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas! -Jen & Chris

  2. I am so excited to have found your facebook, youtube, etc. blog. I am enjoying learning more about rving by watching your videos and reading the blog. While we are retired, we won’t be full timers as we also have a houseboat and other life chores that require our time, we plan to travel quite a bit. I mentioned our upcoming plans to someone who also travels and he said that “camping” is not at all like I remember it from twenty years ago. He said there are a lot of homeless people staying in the campgrounds and they feel quite uncomfortable and even unsafe. Have you come across this situation or have you felt safe in the places you have chosen to stay. Thanks!

    • Hi Donna! During our travels so far we have stayed at over 70 different campgrounds in more than 30 different states. We are always budget conscious and often stay at campgrounds that are average as opposed to really nice. I can tell you that our experiences have been overwhelmingly positive. We didn’t see anyone that would be considered homeless. Some of the campgrounds do have long term residents that are from out of town and working locally or some that just choose to live in the campground. The majority of folks were travelers just like us on vacation and exploring the area. Overall it adds up to a wonderful mix of folks that are great to talk to and learn from. We never had an experience where we were uncomfortable enough where we decided to pack up and leave. The wonderful thing about RVing is that if you decide you want to move on early and head to your next destination, you can do just that! Thanks so much for following and best of luck as you plan your various travels, there is so much to see and enjoy! Merry Christmas!!

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