Itchy at the Campground? Learn a solution!

Itch, Campgrounds & Essential Oils – Self Care Sunday

We are staying in a lovely campground right now. Concrete spots, pool, community room, the works. It also has a lovely walking/biking trail that you can access at the campground and follows along the Jordan River (looks more like a creek to me, but depends where you come from). Here you can see the view from Aunt Glady’s roof…

pony express campground salt lake city utah view of wasatch mountains over campground

The first evening we were here, I was so excited to walk on the trail. So, we set out, hand-in-hand to walk along the river. We are on the outskirts of a city, in the industrial area. So, I wasn’t expecting to see much wildlife, but we were pleasantly surprised.

We watched a muskrat swimming near us, seemingly oblivious to us. We saw tree stump after tree stump cut by beaver’s teeth, some older and some fresh. We spooked sweet Gambel’s Quails in the long grass who confusedly rain across our path in pairs. We saw ducks, herons and other water fowl. We also saw a bird that resembled a Baltimore Oriole, but not exactly. It must be the Bullock’s Oriole of the Wasatch Mountains.

It was such a pleasant walk, with much to see and enjoy. Naturally, the next evening, we wanted to repeat our delightful experience.

So, we walked together again, hand-in-hand. We saw the beaver marks, the birds and chased the quails.

But, as the sun set, we encountered something else. Another living creature. Important in its own way. Grouped with its best friends. And out for blood.

Our pleasant story has turned in to horror story. It was a cloud of mosquitoes, and we were ill prepared.

What we love about the dry weather out West is that the bugs are much more limited. We have not had any mosquitoes yet, so we were not wearing any insect repellant. Our naivety landed us in a tough position with a lot of unwelcome campground guests.

We were chased by those mosquitoes all the way back to the camper.

I received five bites.

And Chris had six.

But we took our on toll on their population through swatting, so we felt avenged.

Now to nurse our wounds.

My favorite quick fix for an itch away solution is Lavender essential oil. One drop applied directly to the affected area means instant relief for me – itch away and reduces the appearance of the blemish too. The next day, if I need the itch away again, I just use one drop again. For, one drop, two days in a row does the trick; but I would apply as needed. Lavender is very mild, so much so that it can be applied directly to the skin without dilution.

So, if you have uninvited guests at your upcoming 4th of July festivities, and you weren’t prepared for them. Take a word of advice, and use a drop of Lavender.

Campgrounds + Lavender like PB + J.

And have your diy Buzz-Off spray at hand, so that you can avoid the issue in the first place!

Looking for pure essential oils from the world leader? The company that pioneered bringing essential oils to the U.S. going on 25 years in business? And the only one with a Seed to Seal promise and their own farms? Wanna join me on the oil journey? Learn more here.

essential oils for mosquito bites. essential oils at the campground

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  1. Thank you so much for this article, Jen. Timing is everything! I have recently been suffering from flea bites due to roaming animals in our backyard. We have no pets of our own so the possums and raccoons who daily travel through are very much unwelcome. Unfortunately, they drop fleas which love to attach themselves to my skin and clothes so they are now also in the house. Very frustrating! We are in the midst of a full attack and we haven’t really hit the hot season here in Southern California. At least I now have some form of relief from these awful bites while my hubby and I continue the fight to reclaim our home.

    Thanks again for the info and continued safe travels to you and Chris!

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