In the Black Hills: Mystery Solved & Spearfish

Time to solve the mystery, and you can see if you figured it out.  Those little black specks that we thought were bugs were not bugs, it was ash…from a fire…a big fire…the forest fires in Washington and Oregon actually.  Can you believe that?  We were shocked.  The haze was from the smoke, and you could actually see the ash on the pool water.  When I picked up a piece, it smeared on my skin.  The next morning, when we woke up, it even smelled like smoke.  I have never experienced a forest fire, and I couldn’t believe it would be that far-reaching.  The wind had changed and was blowing the smoke over South Dakota for a day and a half, and then it cleared back up to blue sky!  Mystery solved.

And, Aunt Glady has hit the big time!  A concrete pad…say what??!!


And the cutest little cabin for the cutest couple West of the Mississippi!



We made the trek to Spearfish, South Dakota to see more of the Black Hills and check out the infamous Deadwood.  To give you a bird’s eye view of our travels…

Black Hills Map


Deadwood is an interesting little town, and I guess it always has been.  Today, it is full of casinos, daily shooting dramatizations, restaurants and saloons…

20150823_185157 20150823_185152

A particular shooting is dramatized frequently…that of Wild Bill Hickock.  Let’s trace some of his biographical facts that parallel our travels:

  • In 1859, Wild Bill joined Russell, Waddell & Majors freight company (these gentlemen went on to start the Pony Express which we learned about in St. Joseph, MO).
  • He was mauled by a bear on his route from Independence, MO to Santa Fe (I wonder if he traveled through Arrow Rock).  During his recovery, he was sent to Rock Creek Station in Nebraska to work at the station.
  • He was an acquaintance of Buffalo Bill Cody.  While he did not join the Wild West Show, he did perform with Cody in plays prior to the show.
  • In 1876, Wild Bill was fatally shot in the back of the head by Jack McCall while playing cards in Deadwood. His body was moved to Mt. Moriah Cemetery in Deadwood, which you can visit.

We did not make it to the cemetery, but I did check out the spot where he was murdered, and we will leave Deadwood on that note…




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