In the Black Hills: Custer, SD

As I already mentioned, Custer was our first campground in the Black Hills.  It was so nice to have some shade and be in the woods again, but come evening, we missed our open sunsets of Nebraska.



The first thing Chris did on arrival, like any self-respecting cowboy, was to enjoy the pool slide.  I waited, watching a 7-year old come down, then a 5-year old boy, then 2 even smaller boys on a mat together, then this guy…







Chris said the little boys that were waiting behind him gave him sound advice:  “The smaller mats are faster, but you should use a bigger one, because you are a big guy.” And they gave him a little push off the top.  So, I guess you can say we are making friends, as we acclimate to the RV lifestyle.

The town of Custer has a western streetscape with plenty of restaurants and shops. We ate dinner one night on a balcony overlooking town…


…and so the days of Ponderosa pines begin!



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4 comments on “In the Black Hills: Custer, SD

    • Ha ha! That would be some serious squinting! Muncy has a charm all its own, but I have yet to mistake the Black Hills for the Muncy Hills!! – Chris

    • Nice! He might still be a little young for that particular slide, but Ronan and Saoirse would’ve been on it all day long. I went flying down that thing!

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