How to Store Essential Oils (in your tiny RV)

When you make the choice to be a fulltime RVer, downsizing is one of the most difficult tasks that is added to your plate. We had a 3,000 sq. ft. home on 10 acres, with a pool. We had our work cut out for us. But, honestly, most of it was easy. A few listings on Craigslist, a major donation and selling our home mostly furnished took care of the majority of our downsizing. The harder part was figuring out what we could take with us and how to store essential oils and other necessities in our 240 sq. ft. RV.

How to store essential oils in a RV! Criteria to use to keep them safe and effective.

Why are essential oils a necessity when traveling?

I love my family, so essential oils are a necessity. We use them to keep ourselves above the wellness level. Without our health, we would not be able to enjoy the traveling or all of the opportunities it brings. We do not want to be looking for reliable doctors across the country, we choose to have the help we need at our fingertips. If I am on the road, I need to be healthy, and the best way I know how to ensure that, is to use my oils. We use them every day, so finding space to store essential oils was a priority.

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How to Store Essential Oils: What Areas to Look For

Here are some criteria to use when considering how to store essential oils.

#1  You want a dark place.

Storing oils away from direct sunlight is important. Young Living oils do not have an expiration date, because they will last indefinitely. Keep in mind, some oils have even been used for embalming. They were created to last. But, direct sunlight and heat over prolonged periods can change the chemical composition and evaporation rate of the oils. So, storing them in a dark area will help you to get the most out of your oils. In an RV, the best way to do that is to select a drawer or cupboard. 

#2  You want to keep the essential oils cool.

Again, this is all about longevity and storing your essential oils in optimal conditions for optimal benefits. As RVers, this is the hardest condition to control. We are more exposed to the elements, and therefore, more at their mercy. Storing the oils in the refrigerator would be ideal, but if you have a small fridge like us, you may not have space for the oils. My suggestion is to store them in an area low to the ground, away from the exterior walls and close to your A/C output. 

#3  You want your oils upright.

Essential oils are volatile. That doesn’t mean they want to explode. That means that they want to leap in to the air. They want to escape from the bottle, and if you lay them on their side, you are giving them a possible escape route. Since most essential oils do not leave any residue, you may not even know that it is happening. Once they hit the air, they are gone. So, be sure to store them standing up. Since you may be using a drawer in a RV, be sure to select one that allows enough headroom for your oils to be upright. 

#4 Put your oils where you will use them.

It is much easier to plant certain oils around your home in the areas that you use them. For example, I keep nighttime oils, like Peace & Calming, Sleepyize and Frankincense in my bedroom. I keep Purification near my washing machine to use with cleaning rags, sheets, towels, or any laundry I want to purify and freshen without using toxic chemicals. I keep roller bottles of Joy and Valor near my front door, so that I can roll on the oils as I walk out the door and feel confident and uplifted. In Chris’ office, I keep Cedarwood and Rosemary to give him focus and clarity for work. In my kitchen, I keep Digize (for digestive support) and Thieves (for immune support) ready for when I need them. These are just a few examples, but I think it illustrates how easy it is to categorize some of your oils and store them where you use them most. In an RV, we don’t have as much room to store oils separately, but we also have a much smaller overall space. So, even storing them in a central location allows for easy access. 

How do we store essential oils in our RV?

First, I had to figure out an appropriate container for storing our oils. Chris made me the great storage block that you can see in this photo…

wood essential oil storage

I love this organizer, and it is perfect for my oils. Chris made holes to fit 5 ml, 15 ml and roller bottles. However, it was not practical for the RV. I knew I needed to have the oils more securely positioned with padding to make sure they would survive the traveling. So, I decided to use a box, which I lined with cardboard and some packing materials. This is the actual box that the essential oil starter kit from Young Living comes in, and it is perfect for holding your oils…

box for essential oil storage

how to store essential oils

labeling essential oils

Note that I also use a sharpie to write the name of the oil on the top, so I can easily locate what I need. All Young Living oils have a white lid, so they can be marked easily. And the box has a magnetic close!!! It is great for keeping the lid secure and looks nice too.

Now that my oils were safe, I evaluated the above criteria and the space on Aunt Glady to choose an area to store them. I chose a drawer beneath our daybed in the living space.

Is it a dark place?   Yes…they would be in a drawer.

Are they cool?   Yes…they would be close to the ground, away from the exterior walls and directly below our main A/C vent.

Are they upright?  Yes…they are able to stand upright in the box, and the drawer is deep enough.

Are they where I will use them?  Yes, they are centrally located for easy access. I also put a few that I use on my face (nothing shows you how many wrinkles you have like seeing your face on Youtube!) in the bathroom. And I have a few nighttime oils that I keep in a drawer in my “nightstand” in the bedroom.

In the RV, my oils are safe and as well stored as I can make them! I hope this criteria helps you to evaluate the space on your RV, so you can make the best choice for how to store essential oils too!

Next steps to consider…

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