How to Make Essential Oil Roller Bottles

I just made up aEssential oil roller bottles few essential oil roller bottles the other day, and I thought I would share some roller bottle best practices with you (as well as some recipes). Essential oil roller bottles are easy to make, and they are a fun diy project with amazing health promoting benefits.

I love crafts.

I love wellness.

And I really love when the two come together! 

Why Make Essential Oil Roller Bottles?

Other than that they are simple and fun, there are a lot of ways that roller bottles can benefit you.

  1. They are easy to carry with you and use on the go. I love this for things like my Allerfree recipe.
  2. They are a great way to take an oil or oil blend and plant it in different parts of the house where you will use it. For example, I like having Thieves in my kitchen and bedroom. 
  3. They help you to pre-dilute oils, so that you are not using too much for safety’s sake, while also getting the most for your money. More is not better with essential oils – the key is learning to use the smallest amount possible to create the desired action. 

Are there alternatives to using roller bottles?

Yes. If you need a quick fix solution, you can just dilute the essential oil with carrier oil in your hand and apply.

Another method I like is to re-use empty essential oil bottles. For example, I like to use Frankincense on my face as a spot treatment, but it is a pricey oil and I only need a tiny amount. So, I use an empty Frankincense bottle that I have kept, I add about 10 drops of Frankincense to the bottle and then fill the rest with carrier oil. I want my Frankincense to last, but since it is a direct spot treatment, I want it to be strong. I like this option, because I do not want to use a roller bottle on my face.  This way I can use a regular dropper bottle, and apply one drop with my clean finger instead.

How to Make Essential Oil Roller Bottles:

  1. Get a roller bottle with a ball fitment and cap.
  2. Choose your essential oils and add to the bottle according to your dilution rate.
  3. Fill the rest of the bottle with a carrier oil.
  4. Add ball fitment and cap.
  5. Put bottle between your hands, and roll back and forth in your hands to blend the oils.

essential oil roller bottles

How to Use a Roller Bottle:

Basically, just apply to the skin as needed. Some great areas of the body to use are along the spine, bottoms of the feet (especially after a nice foot soak), behind ear lobes, back of neck, center of forehead or temples. For more specific purposes, apply to the area where you want to create the action. For example, for tummy help, apply over the abdomen in a clockwise manner (same as digestion).

Avoid using roller bottles (or essential oils) near or in eyes, inside ears, or on mucous membranes.

Dilution Ratios for 10 ml Essential Oil Roller Bottles.

You can probably get any answer that you are looking for here. Isn’t that the funny thing about the internet: we now have much more access to information, but we can probably find any opinion or perspective we are looking for without knowing the truth. You can always find someone justifying an opposite opinion nowadays. Some believe certain oils can be applied directly (or neatly) to the skin, others do not think that is the case. You can find any opinion you are predisposed to look for, even among certified aromatherapists. Even dilution percentages range from chart to chart – a 1% dilution for a 30 ml bottle is listed as 6 drops in some charts and 9 drops in other charts. I can’t explain it – the 30 ml is the same.

My advice is don’t let fear keep you from experiencing amazing health support (created in plants by the Creator & life-giving God) that is available for you to use as you wish in your own home. As someone with health struggles that conventional options did not help or would cause too many side effects, that is incredible freedom. I prefer to be thankful for essential oils and willing to take on the responsibility of using them, instead of fearing them.

With essential oils, start small and do what you are comfortable with. It is your choice and your responsibility how your journey goes. Essential oils should be used with a purpose.  It depends on the purpose and the person. If the need is great, then more essential oil may be necessary. Some people are more sensitive than others. I also personally recommend that people change up their oils and do not use the same exact thing repeatedly every day indefinitely. Just like anything else, your body may become accustomed to that specific oil and it may not work as effectively, or may even cause sensitization.

With Young Living, the dilution instructions come right on the bottle. These have been in use for decades, and I use them or dilute further depending on how I am using the oil and my own experience in how my body responds. I also find it helpful to be a part of a team with Young Living, because I am in a group of like-minded people who I can ask about their experience and grow with.

However, when you are putting together roller bottles, sometimes you are blending different oils, and it can be hard to know what type of dilution to use. And as you are starting out, it is better to start with a smaller amount and then increase as needed. To that end, I think the following suggested dilution rations may be a good place to begin or at the very least be aware of as you are making your own choices…

For 10 ml roller bottles…

1% dilution = 3 drops essential oil

2% dilution = 6 drops essential oil

5% dilution = 15 drops essential oil

We are not talking about children today, but they would obviously need more dilution than an adult. 

how to make roller bottles

How to Choose the Right Roller Bottle?

There are two main things I look for when purchasing essential oil roller bottles: 1. no or little plastic and 2. tinted glass to protect the oils from the sun. I use these because they have a cobalt blue tint and a stainless steel roller ball, and they are a great price.

What Carrier Oil should I use?

For roller bottles, I typically use fractionated coconut oil. I like that it has a long shelf life and is odorless. It is thin and absorbs quickly. However, it is a more refined oil.

Jojoba oil is a good option for an unrefined oil that is also very light.

Learn more about What is the Best Carrier Oil here.

How to Store Essential Oil Roller Bottles

The same concepts apply to storing essential oil roller bottles that apply to the essential oil bottles themselves.

Store away from light. Eventhough the glass is tinted, you want to limit sun exposure as much as possible to preserve the oils.

Store upright. Essential oils are “volatile”, meaning they want to leap in to the air. Consider them to be escape artists. You can limit their escaping by storing them upright.

Store away from heat. Avoid heat to preserve the oils.

My recent roller bottles recipes & what they are for:

Here are the recipes I just put together for my essential oil roller bottles, using fractionated coconut oil to fill the rest of the 10 ml bottle after adding the essential oils.

how to use and store essential oil roller bottles

Jaw Rule

for easing tension and promoting relaxation

15 drops lavender

I apply this roller bottle when needed directly to jaw line. (For me, this is instant, lasting relief. I only have to apply once. I use it more in the cold weather, when I have more tension in the area – maybe once every week to two weeks, or after we have been outside in the winter.)


supporting emotions, uplifting

6 drops Joy blend

This is a Young Living blend containing Bergamot, Ylang ylang, Jasmine, Rose, Tangerine and other essential oils. I actually did not like this blend when I first smelled it. But, after my Dad’s passing, I started to really enjoy the smell. Having used essential oils for years now, I know my body’s signals, and it does not surprise me that this went from my least favorite to one of my top fives due to my life circumstances. It is a very strong blend, so I like a higher dilution. I apply this blend to my wrists and around my collarbone, so that I can smell it and benefit from the aromatherapy, especially when leaving the house. For a few weeks, I was using it daily, now I use it maybe 1-2 times per week as I feel the need.  See what I mean? There are no hard fast usage rules. It is all based on personal need. 


supports healthy immune system

30 drops Thieves

This is another Young Living proprietary blend (all the others are knock-offs). It contains Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus and Rosemary oils.  I love this on my spine, and I prefer less of a dilution. I have even used Thieves straight from the bottle along my spine, but I prefer to dilute it and have it in a roller bottle, since Chris has to apply it for me.


encourages feelings of confidence; inspires clarity, intuition and action

15 drops Hong Kuai

This one is for Chris. He uses it on his wrists, back of neck, and sometimes forehead. We keep this roller bottle at his desk, so that he can use it as needed throughout his work day. Chris does not lack confidence, but this is just a booster, since his responsibility is so great as a structural engineer.


seasonal support

20 drops Lavender

20 drops Lemon

20 drops Peppermint

This is another roller bottle for Chris, which he uses for seasonal support during the Spring. This one is much stronger, but there is a reason for that – Chris uses it for immediate relief to stop what is going on in its tracks. He only uses as needed, when he actually feels the seasonal problems. Some days, he can use it once and be done; while other days (especially if he is outside all day), he will apply a few times as needed. Since Chris began using this blend, he no longer takes Claritin. A huge win for us, since that was the only over-the-counter or prescription medicine he took. For beginners, I would dilute this further to start out – maybe try 5-5-5. Chris only needs this for a few weeks in the Spring, and if winter ever ends, he will need it soon, so I made sure I am prepared.

Read more on his seasonal support.

Well, reader, we sure have come a long way today! I hope that learning some of these best practices helps to assist you as you delve in to the world of essential oils for yourself.

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