How to Hang Things in a RV: Christmas Light Edition!

‘Tis the season. How To hang things in a rvAnd a big part of the season for Chris is Christmas lights. He loves to prepare for Christmas by stringing up Christmas lights to add a bit of warmth and coziness. And it is great in a RV, because just a few strings of lights, and your whole home is merry and bright! We are sharing a few tips to help you figure out how to hang things in a RV, so you can add as many lights as you like to your RV and spread the Christmas cheer!

This year, I bought a string of tasteful, white lights to add to the RV. Since we do not have a real Christmas tree, I chose a string with little trees on it. I am thinking…purity, the bright star of Bethlehem and Peace on Earth.

Christmas lights in a RV

Then, Chris came home a few days later, with a glimmer in his eye and within an hour, Aunt Glady was bedecked in colored Christmas lights. Chris is thinking…merry, celebrate and Joy to the World!

how to hang things in a rvchristmas lights in a rv 2

While our perspectives may differ, our focus is one and the same. Together we prepare to celebrate the birth of Jesus, sent by God to save us from this broken, messy world. Amen to that…with whatever color lights you like to use!

And while we are on the topic of stringing lights, I thought I would share how we hang things in the RV. It does take a little extra effort, since you want the items on your walls to be secure for travel days. We use a bunch of different methods to hang things, so I think you will find something that will fit your need here.

Here are some of the methods that have worked for us, and remember, we have traveled over 25,000 miles with Aunt Glady, so these are tried and true.

How to Hang Things in a RV

Lightweight Items

The easiest way to hang lightweight items is to use some form of adhesive. The benefit of using adhesive is that you will not put holes in your walls. The downside is that if you do want to remove it at some point, it may be very difficult and you will probably be doing some touch-up painting at the least. Command strips/hooks come in so many shapes and size, that they will fit any need. Chris used these tiny command hooks to string Christmas lights all around the RV. He liked them because they are clear and unnoticeable.

hooks for hanging christmas lights

For items that I consider temporary, I just use plain old packing tape. These postcards were sent to us by the Santa Cruz couple who gave Chris his first surfing lesson. I wanted to hang them quickly, and probably eventually do something else with them.

We also use velcro squares in a few areas, especially for items that we want to be able to remove and replace. Velcro holds the covers on our shoe storage areas, and it holds the below postcards, which I purchased in Texas Hill Country.

Heavier/Larger Items

There are also several heavier/larger items that we have placed on our RV walls. These items are still relatively lightweight, we would not recommend trying to hang anything heavy in a RV.

We also have some items that could cause damage if they were to fall, or could break; so we added those items to this group as well.

We consider these items more permanent, so we do not shy away from putting holes in the walls to secure them. The benefit is that we can trust the security of the items for travel days, the downside is that we have holes in the walls, which we will discuss how to deal with later in this article. Chris uses screws to secure our heavier items, because the RV walls are very thin. Sheet metal screws are a good option, since the thread for them goes the entire way to the screw head, allowing the screws to grab the thin walls better.

Screws are used to secure all of the below items in our RV. Our US map came from Oregon, our Route 66 came from New Mexico (I think), our little blue shelf came from Alabama and our burro travelling companion came from Texas.

hanging things on rv walls

how to hang shelves in a rv   

hang things in a rv 3

Challenging Items

There are also some random items that Chris has used unique methods to hang in the RV. For our string of white lights that we use every day, he has fastened them with a nail and a bit of wire. He used the nails in this application, because we are attaching to the wood cabinets, not the walls.

hang things in a rv

How to Patch a Hole in a RV Wall

If you do decide to put screws in your walls, then you may face patching a hole down the line. Chris looks at it as just like a house, spackle the hole and touch-up paint. A trick that everyone used in college was to just apply a bit of toothpaste, but that is just a cosmetic fix. Patching small holes are easy, and we think worth the stability that using screws gives us.

I hope this article helps to give you some ideas and methods for how to hang things in a RV. It really is not much different than a home, just make sure you consider moving days!


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