Hollywood, Beverly Hills & Santa Monica

We actually debated back and forth as to whether or not we wanted to see Los Angeles.  It just was not as appealing to us, but in the end, we decided that we couldn’t call a roadtrip through California complete without a stop in Hollywood.  So, we picked a few things we would like to see and spent a half day in the area.  Here are the highlights…


Fun Facts & Tips:

  • We stayed at the Valencia Travel Village right off of route 5, and it only took us a half hour to get from the campground to the Hollywood Bowl overlook and a view of the Hollywood sign.  We paid $45/night.  Valencia Travel Village, California
  • Traffic was what you would expect, busy but not at a stand still.  Santa Monica was the worst part.
  • We just parked on the street in each place.  In Santa Monica, we tried for a parking garage, but could not find one that would accept the truck (it was either too tall, or weighed too much).  The only place we did not pay a meter was in Beverly Hills.

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