Glass in a RV. Is it Safe?

Should you use glass in a RV?

You know I amglass in a rv is it safe a wellness minded person, and you know my story that forced me to change my life. You also know that I have a passion for helping others on their way to wellness too. But, a lot of times it can be overwhelming to face the big lifestyle changes that need to occur for better health. It can all seem so big, that it is hard to even get started. So, I have committed Self Care Sunday to simple lessons and steps to help you. So, that you have easy steps you can take today to help you out, while you are working on the bigger picture shifts that take weeks, months or even years.

It doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Just take one step. Switch out one thing. And before you know it, you will be feeling results, and you will be motivated to keep going.

A bigger picture goal of mine is to phase plastic out my life, particularly when it comes to food and drink storage.  So, little by little, I have donated all plastic containers, and worked my way through switching to glass or other metal.

But, then we decided to become fulltime RVers. When I looked at what was being recommended for RVs, of course everything was plastic or melamine. Now, that just does not fly with me. You know this. 😉

I know those melamine plates are cute. They have such adorable patterns and colors. They are lightweight and very practical. And they make a pleasant tapping sound with my finger nails. Am I the only one who finds it pleasant?

But, think twice about it. While the FDA regards it as safe, they also concluded that the harmful chemicals in melamine will not transfer to food, as long as the food is not heated above 160 degrees. Not a risk I am willing to take, or one I would recommend.

So, I decided…the heck with it. I am using glass. I work so hard at removing toxins from my body and environment, and there was no way that I was going back to knowingly adding more to my body’s toxic burden. I figured I would use my glass in a RV and just see how it went on the road.

And guess what happened?

It went just fine.

Over three years in a RV. Around 40,000 miles towing the RV. And my glass has been just fine. Glass in a RV – is it safe? Yes, I think so.

I have drinking glasses, mason jars, glass storage containers, glass baking dishes, a glass mixing bowl, even a glass pie plate. Not sure why I thought I would need that, but I have used it several times.

The one thing that broke was the glass container that I use to store water in the refrigerator. We prefer room temperature water (better for your metabolism), but in the RV, it gets way too hot on moving days, so we got in the habit of refrigerating our water. Plus, when you are living in the desert at Lake Havasu with temps well above 100 degrees, cold water is more than helpful, it is a necessity.

But, on one of our travel days, when I opened the refrigerator, the glass had cracked. It was a bummer, but the importance I place on having pure water to drink won out. I purchased a new glass container, and we have been using it ever since.

That was the only mishap we have had with glass. While I can’t promise that it will be the same for you, I can recommend taking the risk. It is worth it to know that the good food and water that you are giving your body is not sitting in plastic.

But we are talking about a big picture shift, and I promise simple steps.

What about a simple step you can take today?  Here are some options to help you make the switch to glass or metal, and leave some of the plastic out of your routine.

Step 1:  Get yourself a Berkey. Stop plastic water bottles completely. Be confident that you are removing the bacteria, viruses, pesticides, pharmaceuticals and other contaminants from the water you are using to hydrate your body. Only a Berkey removes the bad stuff, while keeping the beneficial minerals intact, which is key to your hydration.  It is so important that you have good water at home and while you travel. And I have an exclusive To Wander Freely coupon, so you can get your Berkey at a good deal. Did you know that they are finding prescription medications and illegal drugs in public water? When I learned about prescription meds in public water, I knew I needed something better for my family, and we have been happily using our Berkey for over five years. It is simple to use, and you can take it anywhere. Which is great for RVing too.

Step 2: Get yourself some mason jars. We use them as drinking glasses. I also use them for food storage. And I even use them to freeze food. They are especially great for soups and liquids. They are so multifunctional and durable, that they are perfect for RVs, despite being made of glass.

Step 3: Girlfriend loves a straw. There is just something about it. I don’t use a straw all the time, but if I make myself iced tea, healthy iced not coffee, or a chia drink, or any kind of special drink. I like it with a straw. I have had these straws for over five years now, and I love them. They are easy to clean, and reusable indefinitely. I even have these lids for my mason jars that are perfect for straw use.

So, pick a step to do today, and make a better choice for your health. You will be glad you did.

Next week, we will discuss why you need to remove the microwave from your RV. Now I will really have you running for the hills! Ha – Just kidding, no need to ditch the microwave and we won’t be discussing it. But do consider minimizing its usage…I just had to get that in, didn’t I?

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4 comments on “Glass in a RV. Is it Safe?

  1. So happy to be able to follow you two in your adventures. And by the way ” Happy Anniversary” to you and Chris.

  2. Hi Jen,
    Great class last week. By any chance are you and Chris planning to attend the RVillage Rally next March in Florida? We are hitting the road in February and are considering it. Have you ever been to any type of rally? I’m curious but at the same time not really sure about them. Any thoughts on the subject?

    • Hi, Lupe! Sorry for the delay in responding! Thanks so much for joining me for the class! It was great to have you there. We actually have not attended any rallys. When we started as fulltimers, we thought we would do a 3 month trip – it turned in to 3 years, but we had no idea how much we would love it. So, we weren’t really interested at first in these types of events, because we just didn’t realize RVing would become such a big part of our lives. We don’t have plans currently for attending that rally. I am not familiar with RVillage, but if it is a group that matches your interests/hopes for RVing, then I think the rally would be a good idea. Sorry I can’t be more helpful on this, but best wishes to you!

  3. Hi Jen,
    Did you get the comment I left about the RVillage rally? I am thinking maybe it didn’t go through?

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