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As much as I love bringing new wellness tips and information in to your life, so that we can all grow together; sometimes wellness is simple. Sometimes wellness is not about doing or researching. Sometimes it is about NOT doing. I know I have trouble allowing myself to “Not do”, and if you are anything like me; then I hope this Self Care Sunday straight from my heart, speaks to yours.

Today, I want to issue a challenge to you – I want you to find one way today to add some peace in to your life.

Maybe that is going in to your bedroom without your cellphone, and sitting with the lights off for 15 minutes. Or maybe it is taking a walk by yourself. Or taking a 10 minute timeout and reading your Bible. You pick the form, but no cell phones or others allowed.

Chris and I have really been feeling the tug of the normal world lately. This happened to us last year too, around the same time. As soon as we are back in our “home” area, we are faced with the expectations and normality of life that we left behind as RVers.

We forget just how different our lifestyle is as RVers, in comparison with the typical lifestyle.

As RVers, we accomplished our goal of throwing away the to-do list and living more intentionally with relationships as a priority.

The RV lifestyle is conducive for that. We are surrounded by other RVers, who whether fulltime or on vacation, are loving every minute and are glad to slow their lives down a bit and live more in the moment. They are outdoors, enjoying the sunshine and spending time building relationships and meeting new people. The biggest question of the day is: Where have you been? and Where are you headed?

But, man, is that hard to reconcile with the way most of the world lives.

People seem to enjoy being full of their schedule and busy-ness, and I find myself falling behind and unable to relate.

And it is not just the lifestyle around me, it is me too…darn it! I have fallen in to a pattern of continuously putting way too much on my plate each day and feeling empty and like a failure at the end when I can’t complete it all. And the worst part of it all? I actually LOVE what I do! So, the guilt that goes along with feeling that I am not able to complete it all is rising.

These next few weeks are going to be particularly demanding. I need to find a way to pull my perfectionist self back and allow each event to occur with grace.

I don’t want to make RV living sound idyllic either, because it most certainly is not (you are literally packing up your sewer line and travelling with it).

But, the freedom and the mindset surely do make it extraordinary.

And I do believe that we make our own lifestyle choices, no matter what environment we are in. And yet it is interesting to so clearly see two different lifestyles clash together due to our circumstances.

Some not encouraging, self-examination questions have been coming to mind lately. Have I become a slacker? Do I need to keep-up better?

I literally completely missed an eye doctor follow-up appointment this week. It was in my calendar. They called me with a reminder the day before. And I just completely missed the appointment. I was thinking about bigger things all that morning, things that mattered to me, and not my schedule.

When was the last time I actually had an appointment before my recent Lasik surgery? I did not have a single appointment to go to while RVing the past 2.5 years. I had a phone appointment with my doctor in New York at one point while we were in Big Bend National Park, but that was it.

Am I becoming irresponsible? Do I need to get on track?

It seems that I am learning firsthand just how different the RV lifestyle really is.

Lord, help me to get to the bottom of all this and come out full of light. I don’t have the answers, and I don’t want to lean on my understanding. I choose to lean on yours.

So, while I find myself trying to carve a way to live in both worlds, without sacrificing how RVing has taught me to live without a to-do list; I am enforcing some place for peace on myself. As soon as I publish this post, I am taking mine for today.

Will you join me today? Can you relate to these struggles?

And it turns out there is a wellness tip afterall…

Just a note for those essential oil lovers, Bergamot is getting a lot of use around the RV right now. Bergamot is a yellow-green fruit about the size of an orange. The essential oil of Bergamot is cold-pressed from the peel of the fruit. With the addition in our work loads and building the house; we are relying on it for confidence and calming. It is uplifting, yet relaxing. It really helps us to break up those nagging thoughts, or when our minds are just running in circles and we need to quiet them. It can be diffused anytime, but especially before bedtime. It can be used topically on the bottoms of feet or on the spine. You can combine with Lavender if desired, in the diffuser or topically. If, like us, you find yourself resisting the spinning that this world tries to whirl us up in, then Bergamot may be a good addition. 





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