Farewell, Yellowstone!

One of my most vivid memories from elementary school was when a friend told me that her family was taking a road trip to Yellowstone.  I thought she was the most privileged girl in the world.  Forget Disney World, that wasn’t my speed, even from an early age; but Yellowstone??!!  I coveted that trip.  My parents will be hearing this for the first time reading this post, but it will come as no surprise to them.  I grew up watching Marty Stouffer with my dad, and both of my parents passed on their love of creation, a Huck Finn sense of adventure, and a deep respect for American Indians.  I continue to read The Leatherstocking Tales every few years, I put my feet in every creek I come across, and the only TV channel that is worth anything to me (at the age of 35) is Nat Geo Wild; which is why I don’t mind not having TV, since that channel is not offered in the package anyway.

We never did make it to Yellowstone growing up, but what a privilege for me to be able to take my parents now.  Yellowstone remains that iconic symbol of American outdoor adventure and family road trips, and I think we experienced that during our stay.  We did see plenty of bison, an elk, hawks, mountain bluebirds, and I saw my first grizzly.  The grizzly was 10 yards off the road, but by the time we turned around and doubled-back, he was gone in the brush.

Yellowstone’s grandeur is not easily captured in photos, but some of these will get close.  Farewell to Yellowstone.

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6 comments on “Farewell, Yellowstone!

  1. Jen, you have a marvelous talent for photography as well as for writing. Perhaps you should get a job with National Geographic magazine–if Chris would let you. Ginger and I are proud of you. May the Lord continue to watch over both of you and may you continue to enjoy your exciting adventure.


  2. Hey guys! That trip looks great and I hope to get to Yellowstone someday as well! Make sure you find a good video to watch on how the wolves have changed Yellowstone!! Enjoy you adventure!!!

    • Thanks, buddy! We were disappointed that we did not get to see any wolves, but we will check out the videos. Definitely find a way to make it out here! -Chris

  3. Yes, this is the first time we heard of that coveted Yellowstone trip and it does not surprise us at all . . . It was a privilege indeed for us to accompany you there now and share in the great outdoor adventure. You are right, many an evening was spent while you were growing up watching the nature shows and talking at great lengths about animals and Indians. It gives us great satisfaction to read your great appreciation of nature and Gods creation. Brought tears to our eyes to read this post. Keep putting your feet in the creeks and use those eagle eyes of yours . . .

    Love, Mom and Dad

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