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Essential oils are aromatic liquids distilled from shrubs, flowers, trees, roots, bushes, seeds and other parts of plants. It takes many plants to distill even one drop of essential oil, making them very potent and precious. Evidence of essential oil usage has been found dating back to the Babylonians and Egyptians, and they are mentioned over 1100 times in the Bible. The chemistry of each essential oil is complex consisting of hundreds of unique chemical compounds. Pure essential oils have a chemical structure that allows them to pass through cell membranes. They can communicate and interact on a cellular level, making them very effective in the human body.  There are 40 million trillion molecules in each drop. The small molecules of essential oils allow them to travel throughout the body in a matter of seconds- with just one application, the essential oil will reach every cell in your body within 20 minutes.

Essential oils are complex, but using them is not! 

WHY DO YOU NEED essential oils?

#1  Essential oils can aid in encouraging healing for almost anything. They are effective on all of the body’s systems: your skeletal system, your muscular system, circulatory system, endocrine system (hormones), respiratory system and immune system. They support brain health and a healthy weight. They are used extensively for emotional support. Basically, essential oils are your way to send chemical messages throughout your body to move in a healthier, more balanced direction – fascinating, right?!

#2  Essential oils are also your way out of a synthetic chemical-laden life. We are bombarded by synthetic (made in a lab) and toxic chemicals every day. Some of these synthetic chemicals are known carcinogens, hormone disruptions, allergic reaction producers and more. Cancer is on the rise – the ACS estimates that cancer cases will increase by 50% by 2020. We know the problem, but what can we do about it? The answer is essential oils. Essential oils are also “chemicals” but they are plant-based, natural chemicals that are just as effective and much safer. Ditch the synthetic/toxic chemicals and switch to essential oils!

Each time you reach for an essential oil, that is one less synthetic chemical you are using!

HOW CAN YOU USE essential oils?

#1 Aromatic Use – Add water & a few drops of oil to a diffuser, Put a drop in hand and inhale! Simple & really effective for emotional purposes!

#2 Topical Application – Apply directly to area affected. Other effective application areas are along the spine or bottoms of the feet. Young Living puts the directions on every bottle of oils for diluting – no guesswork or difficult chart ratios needed!

#3 Internal Use – Add a drop to water, or take as a dietary supplement. Not all oils are safe for consumption. I only recommend Young Living’s Vitality line for internal use, as the FDA has identified these oils as Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) for consumption. Young Living makes it easy to recognize these oils – they have white labels, and again the directions are on the label. Straightforward & uncomplicated!

The Truth About the essential oils market.

There is no governing body in the U.S. that regulates the effectiveness, quality or purity of essential oils. Any oil can be labeled “therapeutic grade”, “pure”, or other suggestive marketing terms; but there is no actual regulation on these claims. No one is looking out for you on this! Some essential oils are cut with carrier oils or even alcohol. Some companies use pesticides in the growing process and do not harvest at the peak, so some of the beneficial constituents never make it in to the bottle. As more and more companies attempt to make cheaper and cheaper oils, it is important that you are knowledgeable and know a trusted source for oils.


Young Living is the ONLY company that guarantees their essential oils from Seed to Seal:  Meaning that they control the process from authenticated seed & ground selection, through higher than organic growing standards, through perfect harvesting at the plant’s peak, through exact distillation processes, through rigorous self and third-party testing, to the final seal on the bottle before it is delivered to you. There is actually a whole Seed to Seal website, to learn more CLICK HERE.  Seed to Seal is Young Living’s promise. It is what makes Young Living the largest essential oil company IN THE WORLD with over $1 billion in sales a year. Young Living has been bringing essential oils to the public for over 20 years.

What do Young Living essential oils cost?

An application of essential oils is considered to be 1-3 drops. Young Living oils mainly come in two different bottle sizes. A 5 mL bottle contains approximately 90 drops, giving you 45 to 90 applications per bottle.  A 15 mL bottle contains about 250 drops, giving you 83 to 250 applications per bottle. These bottles typically cost $10 to $30. The Thieves all-purpose cleaner (entirely plant-based with essential oils), which can replace all of the cleaners in your cabinet only costs about $1.50 a bottle (you just add water to the concentrate).

Why do people join young living?

#1 They want to change the way they clean their home and the chemicals they put on their bodies. This is the most common reason I see. People are fed up with the toxic and synthetic chemicals and they want a easy, budget-friendly alternative. Essential oils are the alternative. They use the household cleaner to clean their entire home (less than $1.50 per huge spray bottle).

#2 They are like me. They have tried essential oils for years, and have “googled” them to death. But, they just have not seen any real results. They may like the smell, but that is about it. That is where I got stuck…for years! Finally, I decided to try Young Living – I joined and not only did the oils give me results, but my knowledge of essential oil usage sky rocketed! Using better oils in the best ways was a life changer for me, and I owe that to Young Living.

#3 They want to work on their family’s immunity.

#4 They have a very specific wellness goal, and they want natural results.

#5 They want the world leader’s oils at wholesale prices (a 24% discount) with no sign-up fee or annual fee – no strings attached. They know they can’t trust the essential oils on the market, and they want the Seed-to-Seal difference. With Young Living, they can get real results while using less oils and saving money.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. No one expects you to learn it all. That is why you have friends like me to help you along the way.

Are you ready to fast track your wellness journey? Are you frustrated with inferior oils with no results? Are you ready to replace the synthetic chemicals in your life with pure essential oils? Then, you are ready to be a part of Young Living. Here is the best way to do it…

How to get started and join my team!

You want to sign-up as a wholesale member in order to get a 24% discount on everything you buy. There is NO sign-up fee, NO Annual fee, NO Contract, and NO minimum monthly order with Young Living. You buy the oils you want when you want and you take advantage of wholesale pricing. Simple. No selling either – the vast majority of Young Living customers have no interest in selling – they just want the best oils.

To get you started as a wholesale member, Young Living gives you the perfect option with the deepest discount on oils. It is called a starter kit. You get 11 essential oils and a diffuser, along with some other goodies (like the Thieves Household Cleaner) for $160.00. This is the ONLY thing in the Young Living catalog that is 50% off! For frugal people like me, this is the choice. The essential oils included are some of the MOST popular essential oils – Young Living wants you to start strong. They want to equip you with what you will need most, and then you can build from there as you wish. When you purchase the starter kit, you are automatically a wholesale member. There are other kit options you can choose from, but this is what I bought and what I recommend – a Premium Starter Kit with the Desert Mist Diffuser…

how and why to join young living essential oils



The kit includes the following oils:

Go To Oils – Every Day Usages from Minor to Major 

Lavender –  It is a multitasker. You probably know that Lavender is great for relaxing and soothing. But, it is a great oil for spending time outdoors. Calms & soothes and promotes healing the skin especially when it has been overexposed or you have had critters munching on you.

Stress Away – Go to oil for the times when RVing, or life in general, just isn’t as fun as you thought it would be. In these situations, Stress Away is the message you want to send to your brain and body. Blend of balsam copaiba, lime, cedarwood, vanilla, ocotea and lavender. This one oil blend replaces costly, toxic perfumes and colognes.

Citrus Fresh– Blend of orange, tangerine, grapefruit, lemon, mandarin & spearmint. This is your answer to a clean RV and home. Apply a few drops to baking soda and clean anywhere. I put 1 drop in the bottom of my trashcan when I change bags (or any other funky place, including shoes). Oils don’t mask odors, they eliminate them. Diffuse to purify the air and improve moods with all that citrus.

Frankincense – More of a serious oil and also a great multitasker. Frank will help with just about anything. Promotes feelings of peace & wellness – people use this to help bring themselves up out of a hole, when they just can’t do it on their own. It is an immune booster. Helps to oxygenate an area on a cellular level. Supports healthy nerve function. May help memory and concentration.

Immunity Oils – We want to stay healthy, especially on the road.

Lemon – A big immune booster. Diffused it helps you to feel more positive and uplifted. A study in Japan showed that mistakes decreased by 54% when lemon oil was diffused in a office or work room. Also a vitality which means we can ingest it. Instead of needing a bag of lemons in your fridge, just put 1 drop of lemon oil in a full glass of water and drink in the morning for all the many benefits. Oils save us a lot of space on the RV in the kitchen.

Thieves – Your immune system powerhouse. Increases your resilience to nasties. RV parks are full of people and with all the increased interactions and changes in environment, you need a solution to maintain a healthy immune system. When I visit my sister & her 4 kids – I am always wearing this.

Raven – Respiratory, chest & lung support. Blend of Camphor, Lemon, Wintergreen, Peppermint and Eucalyptus Radiata. Also great for full body balance and wellness.

Digize – Part of our immune system is in our gut? That is what Digize supports – a properly functioning digestive system. Blend of that includes Ginger, Fennel, Anise and other oils. Sounds like the herbs and remedies our great grandparents used, right?!

Energy & Movement Oils

Peppermint – Refresher. Energizer. Wake Up Call. May help stimulate the mind & calm the nerves at the same time. Not caffeine – no high then crash. Great for alertness on travel days. May help promote a feeling of satiety. Can be helpful for areas of tension, especially above the shoulders. Super strong – a tiny bit goes a long way.

PanAway – For muscle and joint areas. May help to improve circulation, reduce inflammation and accelerate healing. It is great for all of us on the road, especially after long drives and just the wear & tear of RVing. We don’t talk about that much, but RVing can be hard work sometimes, and PanAway gives you a plant-based natural option to support your body and keep you active. Blend of Wintergreen, Helichrysum, Clove & Peppermint.

Copaiba – You have probably never heard of this one, but I can promise you that it may become your favorite oil of all time. Trust me. More on that one when you join.


This is just a quick overview of the oils – once you join, I will be giving you specific instructions on usage, safety and so much more. 

To ensure you join my team when you order, just click on this link. Pick your kit and follow the ordering process. That’s it! Welcome to the beautiful world of essential oils!

Once you are a part of my team, I will be contacting you and getting you started on your essential oil education. How much information you want is up to you – you can be independent in your journey, or you can tell me you are all in. If you choose to, you will learn specifics on how to use essential oils, how to use your diffuser, safety guidelines,  the best resources, how to make the most of your Young Living membership, how to get your oils for free, recipes to try and so much more. We are going to start at the beginning and continue to build your knowledge as you desire. I use a go at your own pace style, and I cut through the information to deliver what is most relevant to you. I am not a salesperson, I am a state certified teacher with a Master’s degree in Library Science giving me an edge for research. I am not here to sell to you, I am here to educate you. The education is my passion, and this is where we will excel together. You will no longer be overwhelmed, you will be confidently using the best essential oils on the planet for improved wellness. Period.

How do I support you?

This is an important question, as I hear from more and more people who purchase a starter kit and they have no help or support in using it, so it sits in a cupboard not helping anyone. It is so important to ASK the person you sign up with what they will do for you BEFORE you join with them! Young Living is set up so that you SHOULD receive support. That is the whole point. Oils are not something you can pick up off a shelf and then google how to use them. Trust me, I have been there. Find out what you are being offered BEFORE you join with someone and save yourself a lot of trouble and having to make a switch. I manage my team as a teacher, not a salesman.

Here is what I do for my members…

  • My exclusive Getting Started with Oils email series specifically designed to help you with the following…learning about and using your starter kit, oil safety, oil history, oil etiquette and more of the basics to build a proper foundation. Within 2 weeks of receiving your starter kit, you should be using all of the oils confidently, and have switched out all of your nasty cleaners for the Thieves household cleaner. I will walk you through all of that.
  • A weekly tips on Tuesday video or article on relevant essential oil topics to build your knowledge.
  • A Monthly Meet-Up – the second Thursday of each month I hold an online meet-up where I teach on a brief topic and then I open the floor to answer everyone’s questions. This is a direct line to me and others who are knowledgeable about essential oils.
  • A monthly postcard in your mailbox with diy recipes, tips and news.
  • Direct access to me as you need it. (Not a facebook page where you go fishing and hope someone answers.)

Join now so that three weeks from now, you are confidently using oils. 6 months from now you will be thinking, why the heck didn’t I join sooner. A year from now, you will be amazed by how the oils have changed your family’s lifestyle.