Essential Oil & Wellness Class Listings

Thank you for your interest in one of my essential oil and wellness classes. I teach Live classes each month that you can register for below. After registering for a class, you will be sent the class information and the link you will use to access the class when it is Live. Following the class, all registrants will receive a recording of the class through email. If you are unavailable to make the Live class time, register anyway, because you will receive the recording to watch at your leisure.

available Classes to choose from:


Oils for RVers Class

Thursday, October 4th, 7:00 PM EST          Register for October’s Class Now   
Thursday, November 1st, 7:00 PM EST      Register for November’s Class Now
This class is held the first Thursday of each month, check back if you missed this month’s class.

Hey, travelers! We are taking our oils on the road, and showing you just how effective they can be at keeping us ready for the next adventure! Topics to be covered:

  • Practical Answers for RVers: How do you deal with public washing machines? How do you ensure a good night’s sleep at a Walmart parking lot? How do you handle seasonal allergy support in different states? What about overexposure to the elements and critters? 
  • Specific Oil Usage Info.:  Oils for everyday needs (specific oils to get you through any situation from minor to severe), Oils for immunity (so you can enhance your immune system naturally and not be laid up or looking for doctors on the road), and Oils for energy & movement (avoid soreness, pain, and dysfunction so you can have abundant adventures)!
  • The basics of essential oil etiquette (usage, dilution, storage, etc.).

Essential oils are your ticket for getting the most out of your time on the road – join me to learn how!  


Essential Oils Made Simple Class


This is the starter class for everything essential oils. You will gain a well-rounded view of the importance of essential oils, how they work and how you can use them. This class is a one-stop shop for simple, practical essential oil knowledge that you can put in to use immediately. Topics to be Covered:

  • The point of inhalation/diffusing.
  • Best practices for handling, diluting & using oils.
  • The research behind oil blends.
  • Specific oils for ALL the body systems (i.e. joints & muscles, immune system, endocrine system – adrenals & hormones, respiratory system, circulatory system & more).

And that is just the beginning! Ready to take this wellness thing to the next level? Me too.



Thursday, Nov 15th, 7:00 PM EST   Register Now

Did you know that The National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health studied 2,983 ingredients in our products at home and found 884 toxic ingredients? 314 of them caused biological mutations. 218 caused reproductive problems. 778 were toxic to the human body. 146 they knew caused cancer tumors, but were allowed in the U.S., eventhough they are banned in other countries. Many of these chemicals are allowed in common cleaning supplies, things that may be in your cabinets right now. 

That is not meant to scare you, that is meant to motivate you. The best way to remove the synthetic, toxic and nasty chemicals from your life is to replace them with the pure, natural chemicals of essential oils. Trust me, they are just as powerful and they are the simplest step you can take! Topics to be covered:

  • How to ditch & switch to natural cleaning.
  • An in-depth, research-based look at the Thieves essential oil blend. 
  • A simple, multipurpose solution that gives you a full spray bottle of green cleaner for under $1.50!
  • Diy recipes and tips and tricks for green cleaning. 

Learn how to be a Happy Green Clean Machine – you and your family will be so glad you made the switch!  Register Now!


About the Teacher:

Jen is a certified teacher in the state of Pennsylvania. She also has a Master’s degree in Library Science, which means that you can say, “she does her research” with confidence. She has a gift for teaching and a passion for wellness, and when the two combine she is at her happiest.