Downsizing 101 – Downsize to RV like a Pro!

You have made up your mind, you are ready to RV, but there is one thing in your way…downsizing! Well, maybe downsizing is more accurately described as a million things in your way, but have no fear, we have a guide to help! Decluttering can feel like an overwhelming task, but having a plan will help to ease that feeling. We took a look back at our own downsizing process and identified some of the key factors that made us so successful to share with you. We broke the process down in to steps and then fleshed those steps out in several articles that you can use as a step-by-step guide.

First, we think that the most difficult aspect of downsizing is getting your head in the right place to take on the task.  It is important to be focused and deal with those emotions upfront so that you do not find yourself sidetracked later. Get started in your downsizing preparation with these articles…

An Approach to Minimizing

Our Story – The Chaos & Some Motivation

The Emotional Side 


Now that you are ready for the task at hand, it is time to go room-by-room and evaluate your items. We have some great ground rules and tips for minimizing the items in each area. Take you time and sort through your items in each room. Remember, as you go through each area, you are one step closer to being ready to RV!

The Kitchen

The Bedroom

The Bathroom

The Living Room

The Closets


Finally, you need to make some decisions on what to do with the stuff that you no longer need. You have finished sorting your items, but now what? Time to read our articles on digitization and options for removing that clutter for good…


What to do with all that stuff


Congratulations! You have now graduated from Downsizing 101! We hope our guide was helpful to you.


These tips aren’t just for RVers, so share them with anyone you know who needs a little motivation or help in this area of their life.