Crater Lake or Resurfaced Memories

We truly never thought we would be fulltime RVers.  It was not a dream of ours.  In fact, it wasn’t something we had even considered.  We only knew a few people with campers, not a single person who was a fulltime RVer.  We had experience camping, but it was in a tent.  When we stayed in campgrounds, for the life of us, we couldn’t figure out why people had RVs.  It seemed so counterproductive to the purpose of camping.  And with that one quick thought of incomprehension, we never thought of RVs again.

But, as Louisa May Alcott wrote in Little Women, “Change will come as sure as the seasons…”  After suffering from an illness that helped us to see our lifestyle in a new light, we were aching for changes.  We realized our large home on 10 acres was a burden for us.  So, we sold the house.  After extensive consideration, Chris had decided it was also time to leave the company he loved.  He prayed and prayed seeking guidance, and he was answered with new clients for his dried-up drafting side business. So, in a relatively short amount of time, we had an income that didn’t tie us to a location.  But where should we go?  Our travels in the United States had mostly been limited to the East Coast.  There was still much of America we wanted to see and experience.  So, we decided rather than pick one place, we wanted to travel.   But how on earth could we afford it?  And that is how the world of RVing opened its door to us and welcomed us in.  RVing was a means to an end for us.  We wanted to travel the U.S., and an RV was our way to do it.

After liberatingly selling most of our stuff, quickly buying and renovating a fifth-wheel, timidly trading our vehicles for a Dodge Ram 2500 and heart wrenchingly saying farewells to the people and places so near to our hearts; we found ourselves sleeping in an RV for the very first time the day we set off on our now over a yearlong roadtrip.  In our sights was the best America had to offer.  Its national parks, its wide open heartland, its sharp vertebrae of mountain ranges, it’s clouded mysteries in the Northwest, it’s rugged Pacific coastline, it’s dry deserts with cactus sentinels,  its abundant wildlife, its alpine meadows and its bison strewn prairies.  We sought to meet the people that make each state unique and great: the southern hospitality and drawl of Alabamans, the sun kissed surfers of California, the surety of the Texans, the wild Cajun of the Louisianans, the southern legacy of Georgians, the independent spirit of Arizonans, the cowboys of Wyoming and the homesteading perseverance of Nebraskans.

While we did not spend any time planning our trip in advance, we had memories of distant dreams, long thrown away as unattainable, newly revived and acting as our guides.  For Chris, one of the memories was of an image he had seen long ago and cherished.  The image was a pristine, blue lake lying still in the crater of a volcano.  It was the water in the image that captivated Chris’ attention.  It was perfectly blue.  It was mesmerizing.  It was Crater Lake. Crater Lake, Oregon

The truth of Crater Lake is the color blue.  A blue so vibrant it is electric, defying the confines of its watery realm by jumping forth to meet the gaze of onlookers.  Seeing its intensity is singular, no other blue or other water can compare to the experience.

Here is a video of our visit…

Thank you, Lord, for the electric blue of Crater Lake that gives us a small glimpse of the brilliant colors we will see one day when we meet you face to face.


  • We stayed at Lakewood RV Park in White City, Oregon, we paid $35/night.  It was about a 1.5 hour drive to Crater Lake.

Fun Facts & Tips:

  • The bird seen in the video is the Clark’s Nutcracker.  Its namesake is of Lewis & Clark Expedition fame.  For all the birds and animals that they were the first white man to see and describe, only two are named after them.  The Clark’s Nutcracker and the Lewis’ Woodpecker.
  • We visited at the end of June and almost half of the rim road was still closed due to snow!!!

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I love travel, which led me to become a fulltime RVer. I love wellness, which I can talk about 'til the cows come home. I love being self-employed, which means I get to dabble in what interests me from essential oils to RV planners. But most importantly, I love my husband and our life together on the road!

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